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maximum xe reviewMaximum XE, which was developed by a leading urologist Dr. Joel Bross, is formulated to help men and women improve their sex lives through science. We uncovered this particular program after searching for various male enhancement products on yahoo, and he actually promises permanent gains in penis size by using his pills alone. We decided to research these particular pills to get an idea of how exactly it does this, and if it has been proven to work by independent parties. We see alot of claims for permanent male enhancement, and while most are completely unsubstantiated, certain products do provide some results.

Maximum XE Facts

Dr. Bross, the maker of Maximum XE pills, has been a licensed sex therapist since the late 1970’s, and has also written several articles in the male enhancement niche. After a little bit of research, we also realized that he has written and directed several short story films, including “Kama Sutra 2000 #1: An Atlas To The World Of Superior Sex”.

He developed Maximum XE as an all natural alternative to erectile dysfunction medications, and has been selling it for over 20 years. What separates this particular supplement from alot of others is that he actually promises permanent enlargement gains by as much as 5 inches over a period of 4 months, something that is pretty ludicrous. He even provides a chart which shows so-called “gains” when using a male enhancement pump, which is included with every order of the pills.

There is actually a video demonstration of how this pump actually works, but we have investigated these pumps before, and noted that they can actually be very dangerous if not used properly. Read this related wiki on the dangers of penis pumps.

User Feedback

Their are no published independent third party testimonials or reviews of anyone using Maximum XE. If you have used it, please send us your review.

The Ingredients Behind The Product

This particular supplement contains a number of ingredients commonly found in many over the counter male enhancement products. Among others, it contains Yohimbe, which can be a very potent aphrodisiac that has been used for hundreds of years. However, there is some danger to taking yohimbe, as is discussed in our side effects of yohimbe article.

It also contains a blend of l-arginine, long jack, muira puama, damiana, horny goat weed, avena sativa, tribulus, DHEA, gingko, maca extract, saw palmetto, and Astragalus. Despite their official claims, it has been noted in several studies that tribulus terrestris is ineffective at increasing testosterone levels in healthy males.

Pricing and Availability

You can find Maximum XE on a few different online retailers, most notably ebay and You can also purchase it from their official website, for an average cost of $50 for a one months supply, with each additional purchase at a price of $35 per unit. The cheapest price we found was on Vitagest, which was $83 for a 2 months supply, almost $17 cheaper than on the products own site. They also have an auto-shipment option available, which allows you to be charged and delivered a monthly supply of the pills for as long as you choose.

Overall Conclusion

There is very little information available about this product, and the fact that there are no independent reviews apart from their website indicates that there are very few men who have tried it. Many of the claims made by this doctor are unsubstantiated, simply because it does not appear to be possible to increase your penis in the lengths described on their site in such a short time frame. More research is necessary to help indicate whether or not Maximum XE really works.

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