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noxysurge reviewNoxySurge Overview

With a wide variety of male enhancement pills on the market, it can be very difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. NoxySurge is one of those products which appears to be a bodybuilding product, but is actually a pretty potent male performance supplement designed to help you last longer. But how does this particular product stack up against the competition? Well, for one it is marketed as a slow acting male enhancement supplement, which means it will take several months to start seeing the results.

What is NoxySurge?

With the claim “The most powerful male enhancement money can buy” being broadcast across the front page of their website, we decided to delve into what makes this product tick. According to the manufacturer, NoxySurge contains a number of ingredients that combine to give you an all natural enhancement.

One of the major ingredients is an extract called L-Arginine, which acts as a precursor to the production of nitric oxide. What the heck is nitric oxide and how does it work to make you bigger? Well, the theory (and research) indicates that when you take something with L-Arginine in it, it helps to expand the blood vessels and allows for more blood to flow.

Of course this helps when you have the erection, but what if the problem is getting it up in the first place? Well, of course NoxySurge contains ingredients that help you “get started” in the bedroom, and these include all natural aphrodisiacs such as tribulus, horny goat weed, and ginger. It also contains a number of mild stimulants to keep you going to sexual activity, including ginger, niacin (commonly found in energy drinks), and vitimin b6.

NoxySurge also contains an ingredient we never heard of called Phenibut. This amino acid has actually been used throughout Europe to help relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

NoxySurge Cons

  • Very Limited Information From Users
  • Cannot be used by women
  • No clinical trials
  • No doctor approvals

NoxySurge Pro’s

  • L-Arginine has been proven in recent clinical studies
  • No harmful stimulants
  • Priced Moderately
  • Free Shipping on larger orders
  • Shipped discreetly


There is too little information form customers (other than the products website) that suggests this product can work effectively in the long term. We have never personally tried NoxySurge, so we can’t tell if it can actually work, but there are several other products we have tried that can compare to this particular supplement. It should be noted that their is a money back guarantee, but the timeline for this guarantee is not specified.

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