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Dave Walker Date: September 29, 2013 Testosterone Boosters

Note:  We don’t sell Nugenix, we just reviewed it.  Click Here to visit their website.

Browsing through my email this morning, I saw an ad on the right side of the page that warned me that I may be losing my testosterone levels dramatically. Dutifully so, I decided to click on the link which led me to an article that talked about how as men age, we naturally lose our testosterone levels. This reduction often leads to us feeling a lack of energy, causes us to become overweight, and can put a damper on our sex lives.

Apparently, a team of researchers at Cambridge, MA (they always seem to be from there, no?) discovered a blend of all natural ingredients that apparently works to boost testosterone levels. That product is called Nugenix, and it is the latest in all natural men’s health supplements to be introduced to the market.

I just completed my trial bottle of Nugenix, click here to see my results.

What is Nugenix?

Similar to products such as Vimax Pills and Progene, Nugenix delivers a special blend of all natural herbs and extracts to help your body restore natural testosterone levels through natural production. Nugenix is actually distributed by the same company that brought you Lumiday (an all natural mood enhancer) and Instaflex (an all natural joint formula).

Adding to their already extensive product line, this company developed Nugenix under strict laboratory conditions, ad manufactured the product in a cGMP plant. cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) essentially means that the pills were put together on the same equipment that prescription type drugs are, and facilities such as this are held under tight FDA regulatory conditions. In short, it’s a good thing.

Nugenix Ingredients and How It Works

The most important aspect of Nugenix is it’s special blend of ingredients, which includes testofen, zinc, tribulus terrestris, l-citrulline malate, vitamin b6 and vitamin b12. The primary ingredient is Testofen, is extracted from fenugreek seeds, and is said to be essential at helping the body increase it’s own testosterone production. While I don’t know how true that REALLY is, there was a study published that tested men who took fenugreek seeds versus those who didn’t, and men taking the fenugreek scored 25% higher on tests measuring libido.

ingredients in nugenixWhile I am unsure of Testofen for testosterone production, I AM sure that Tribulus terrestris has been studied for its effects on testosterone production. It has consistently been demonstrated in lab results that Tribulus DOES NOT restore natural testosterone levels (1).

However, it really is a mixed bag with Tribulus Terrestris, primarily because there has been research in animals that suggests the extract can produce measurable differences in testosterone. So, while it has not been demonstrated conclusively for healthy adults, there is some promise.

The makers of Nugenix actually cite a study that was conducted in Irvine, California on the use of Testofen and noted that it produced several benefits including:

I had a chance to read through the study, and it actually looks quite legit. There were 60 total participants, and 26 in the control group and 29 in the focus group completed the study after 8 weeks. All of the participants in the study were between the ages of 18 – 35, and trained for resistance/power exercises for at least one month.

While the vast majority of the men did not see a difference in their waistline, the vast majority saw an increase in their free testosterone production, had lost fat in their triceps and thighs, and retained their muscle mass. It also noted that none of the subjects experienced any side effects while taking testofen (2).

Nugenix Reviews, Free Trial, and Where To Buy

When I first wrote this review, there were very limited customer reviews. Apart from the official site, there was one user of Nugenix that posted on GNC’s website and said that he experienced very positive results.

However, since them the products popularity has exploded, and you can find reviews on a wide variety of other sites.  The consensus seems to be that Nugenix is an above average testosterone booster.

For example, the website rates Nugenix at 4.5 out of 5 stars, and has over 30 reviews that rate it 4 stars or better.

Nugenix is offered in a variety of manners.  Amazon, Ebay, GNC,, soon to be, and direct from the manufacturer at  While on the high end for testosterone boosting supplements, it is comparable to that of competing products such as Test X180, Andro 400, and others.  Customers may order Nugenix directly from them either online, by the phone, or check through the mail.  They may also order 1 bottle or they may sign up for a trial that has an auto-ship component.

The trial period is 18 days, a 14-day sample plus we allow 4 days for shipping.  The customer may cancel anytime during or after the trial period, either by phone, email, contact form on our site, or via mail.  Customers who cancel before the end of the trial are not billed anything other than their original $4.99.

Unlike many other companies that run free trials, when you cancel you do NOT have to ship back the empty trial bottle, nor do you need to obtain a RMA #.  The bottle is the customer’s to keep regardless of if they cancel or not, for the price of $4.99.  They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well, that any customer may return any monthly shipment or full size bottle for a full refund if they postmark it within 30-days of when they received it.  According to the Nugenix site, the customer will be issued a full refund for these returned bottles.

My Results From Taking Nugenix

nugenix reviewAs stated earlier, I got a chance to order the trial bottle of Nugenix and have been using it for the past 2 weeks.  The bottle came with 42 capsules, and the directions stated to take 3 capsules daily with water on an empty stomach.  It did not mention at what time of the day to take it, so I just decided on taking it in the morning.

Week 1

The first day I didn’t notice any difference, but as the days wore on, I did notice a keen increase in my energy levels and focus.  It was nothing dramatic, but it basically allowed me to drink one less cup of coffee per day (which I drink ALOT of).  I also noticed that I was feeling a little bit hornier, and I could tell it was affecting my mood for sex.

By the end of week 1, I was beginning to like the way it was making me feel, and was interested to see if anything would change in week 2.

Week 2

About halfway through week 2 I noticed that I was feeling a slight diminishing effect coming from the supplement, so i decided to take an extra pill (total of 4) and see if I felt any different.  After adding that second pill of Nugenix, my mood seemed to improve dramatically, almost like a high feeling.  I’m not sure what caused it but I would guess it was the combination of Fenugreek extract and Tribulus terrestris that made me feel this way.

It’s important to note that some sites mention nugenix side effects like nasal congestion, upset stomach, gas, and bloating as a result of consuming Fenugreek extract, but I didn’t notice any of these.

I finished the bottle a few days prior to the end, and throughout the entire trial of Nugenix I did not notice any side effects.

By the way, I made sure that I called to cancel my Nugenix trial before the 14 day period was up.  The representative I spoke with on the phone was very courteous and professional, and while they offered to get me an auto-ship supply at a discounted rate, I respectfully declined and told him I would just buy it in GNC if I ever needed it again.

All in all my experience with Nugenix was positive, but I can’t say the same for everyone.  There are loads of reviews on Amazon and other third party sites where guys are saying it was completely ineffective for them.

Visit the official Nugenix website here:

Nugenix Pro’s

  • Contains Solid Ingredients
  • Sold in GNC, so it is reputable
  • Fairly new, but customer testimonials are positive
  • Clinically proven and studied formula

Nugenix Con’s

  • Kind of expensive, but you get what you pay for
  • Need to keep taking it to see continued benefits
  • Limited reviews from other customers


After a complete analysis of the ingredients, personal testing, reviews, and method of action, I can report that Nugenix does show some promise. However, instead of opting for the trial, I would either get it at your local GNC or order the bottle outright on their website It may seem like the logical choice to sign up for the trial, but in the end you might regret it.

Apart from that, the clinical studies and the fact that it is manufactured in the USA all point to a good quality product.  Their customer service was also friendly and easy to deal with, and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable when you call them.


1. Tribulus Terrestris:

2. Testofen Clinical Study:

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