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ogoplexOgoplex Review

Unlike many other review websites you may come across, you know for a fact that we personally test many of the products we come across. While we didn’t actually try out Ogoplex, which is the focus of this review, you can be sure that it is very similar to many of the products we have used. Ogoplex is actually different from most of the products featured on this site because is it a semen enhancement product. Oh wait, no it is a supplement that helps to support healthy prostate function. Or is it a male enhancement product? This is actually one of the most confusing products that we ever researched, mainly because there are so many different claims listed on so many different sites.

What is Ogoplex?

Ogoplex is a once daily supplement that is categorically different from the majority of the products featured on this site. After a vast amount of research, we can deduce that Ogoplex is a healthy prostate support supplement, which can also act as a semen enhancement product as well. It is manufactured by a company called Vianda, which is located in Cincinnati, OH. They actually market and distribute a broad range of supplements, including Enzyte, and also energy, women’s health, anti-aging, weight management, and other health and vitality products.

Ingredients and How Ogoplex Works

The promise is that it is supposed to give you more powerful orgasms as a result of increased semen production, as well as help to alleviate symptoms of BPH (enlarged prostate). While not marketed as a cure, there special blend of ingredients in Ogoplex includes Zinc, Saw Palmetto Berry, Tomato Lycopene extract (anti-oxidant), Swedish pollen extract, and phytosterol complex.

saw palmetto ingredient in ogoplexWhile there have been plenty of companies and alternative medicine guru’s that claim Saw Palmetto is used to treat BPH, the fact is that it failed to produce consistent results in a double blind clinical study. Early studies did suggest that urine and blood flow could be improved slightly through the use of Saw Palmetto, but there is no scientific evidence supporting any further claims. (1)

However, it has been suggested that another ingredient in Ogoplex, Zinc, can actually help with BPH, as well as erectile dysfunction issues. (2)

We have been skeptical of many of these supplements from the start, mainly because the majority of them do not work. However, every once in a while a particular product does seem to catch out attention. Supplements such as Ropex and Semenax have worked very effectively at helping to encourage the production of semen, which in turn make for a mind blowing orgasm.

Also, products like Extenerex and Vigamaxx have had several successful users, but there have also been several guys that said they were just sugar pills. Unfortunately, Ogoplex does not seem to make the cut in this department, despite how many positive reviews there are.

Where To Buy Ogoplex?

Ogoplex can be purchased in many different stores, including and Amazon. I checked out with my local GNC and they said they do not carry the supplement, however Walgreen’s does appear to, if only online. Your probably better off buying it online anyway, because the cheapest price we could find was $21, on the Walgreen’s official site.

Surprisingly, if you buy it on their official website, it actually costs almost $30 more for a one month supply. How that works out I have no idea but you can see for yourself here.

Ogoplex Reviews

Reviews of Ogoplex were widely mixed, with about 50% of the reviewers saying they got no results from it, while the other half said it was the best thing they have ever used. Like many other products on Amazon, there appear to be a few fake reviews, but there is no way to confirm that the reviewer had actually purchased the product without a verified purchase signature.

Ogoplex Vs Ropex

One commonly searched term is how Ogoplex compares to a similar product with a similar sounding name, Ropex. The basis behind Ropex is similar, in that it is supposed to increase “the ropes” or essentially how your sperm is ejaculated during orgasms. We have actually reviewed Ropex before, so it was pretty easy to compare it to Ogoplex.

ogoplex vs ropexFor one, it doesn’t contain nearly the same amount of ingredients, but it does contain all of the same ones listed in Ropex. The price is comparable, with a one month supply of Ropex coming in at $29.95, making it about $10 more expensive than Ogoplex.

We actually received a personal review of Ogoplex from one of our visitors, which you can see here. One thing we will note though is that Ogoplex does offer a 60 day money back guarantee, which also requires you to send back any opened or unopened product packaging.


It’s hard to make a recommendation for this product. While there are many positive reviews, there are also tons of negative ones, which leads us to believe that it doesn’t work for the majority of users. Of course, there is no way to be ABSOLUTELY sure that the product will or will not work for you unless you try it out personally. But based on our analysis of the ingredients and user testimonials, we are going to have to pass on this one.

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