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Vigamaxx Review

Vigamaxx Review

Vigamaxx Review

Throughout most of this site we specifically examine male enhancement type products, not usually veering off topic to talk about men’s prostate products. We decided to make an exception for Vigamaxx, due to ongoing emails from our users about this product, and whether or not it works. It also should be noted that an unhealthy prostate has alot to do with sexual dysfunction, so it is somewhat related to the theme of this site. We decided to take an in-depth look at this supplement to determine how effective it is, and whether or
not it works.


What Is Vigamaxx
Where To Buy

What is Vigamaxx?

Vigamaxx is a unique blend of herbs and spices that is designed to help battle an enlarged prostate. It is manufactured and distributed by a company called Enhanced Nutraceutical, which is located in Fremont, California. For those who don’t know, an enlarged prostate is the leading cause of embarrassing urinary problems, uncontrollable bladder, fatigue, painful urination, blood in urine and semen, and problems sleeping, as well as a host of other problems. Traditionally, BPH or enlarged prostate, was remedied through the use of either surgery or medications such as Avodart.

Due to an increasing number of patients complaining about side effects from these methods, many men have been turning to their doctors for all natural remedies for BPH. As a result, Vigamaxx and a host of other companies have introduced prostate function products, such as prostate forte, which help to regulate prostate function.

According to the Website purchasing Vigamaxx, it is supposed to reduce prostate problems, including inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and more. As a matter of fact, Vigamaxx has 21 claims of the advantages of using their product over others, including helping you sleep better, reducing cough and clearing the throat as well. We believe that these claims are based on purported benefits of the various ingredients used in the pills.


Vigamaxx uses their proprietary blend of ingredients, which includes Ganoderma Lucidem, Cordyces Sinensis Extract, Cynomorium Songaricum Extract, Kudzu Root Extract. Most notably, the manufacturer seems to talk about Cordyceps (cordyceps mushroom) as an anti-oxidant, increase vitality and libido, and enhance metabolism. These statements can be backed up by proof from a wide variety of sites, and you can find this ingredient in a number of other products such as provigro, maxidus, and viarex.

Ganoderma lucidum, or more commonly referred as Lingzhi Mushroom, is another key ingredient in Vigamaxx.  According to our research, this particular mushroom is native to East Asia, and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine.  Lingzhi has a number of medicinal uses, including the prevention of neoplasm, which is an abnormal buildup of cells often leading to various forms of cancer.  The makers of Vigamaxx report that Lingzi helps prevent and treat tumors, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, among
other uses.  Like most herbal supplements in this category, it is noted that there are no suggested clinical data to back these claims.

Kudzu is another popular ingredient that has actually been used to treat men and women for alcoholism.  It is found primarily in the southeastern United States, but has also been found in many other regions, including Southeast Asia.  There are several major studies that suggest that Kudzu actually acts as a preventative medicine for hangovers and excessive alcohol consumption, with many companies marketing it as a “hangover cure”.  There are currently studies being conducted at various universities across the US as to the potential benefits of taking Kudzu.

Reviews From Users

We occasionally receive reviews from customers every once in awhile, and decide to post them here when we get a chance.  Here is some feedback we have received from customers who have used Vigamaxx.

“I have been having prostate problems since I was in my mid 30’s, and it has been a rough ride.  I could tell my wife was losing interest in sex, simply because we had not had any in about 3 years.  I told myself enough was enough and decided to talk to my doctor about it.  He had originally given me a prescription for Avodart, but the side effects made it useless.  It solved my BPH, but I had horrible gas, stomach aches, and severe indigestion.  I used vigamaxx for about 2 months and my BPH virtually disappeared.  Life took on a whole new meaning, and I had regained my sex life again.”Ted, California

“I have tried M drive and a bunch of other male supplements used to treat prostate problems, but never had any luck.  When a friend referred me to Vigamaxx, I was a little sceptical, simply because i tried so many products that didn’t work.  Well, I decided to give it a go, and just like many of the others, I received no results from it.  What was worse is the company kept sending me a new box every month, even when i didn’t want it!  I finally cancelled my order and they stopped charging me, but what a hassle.”Markus, New Jersey

Where To Buy

You can only buy vigamaxx from their official site.  At the time of this review, they were offering a monthly membership of $49.35 a month, which is charged on a monthly basis as long as you are a customer.  They provide a host of free e-book downloads, including a guide on meditation, a fitness guide to staying healthy, a baby boomers guide, and a guide called How To boost your metabolism.  According to the site, Vigamaxx is guaranteed for 90 days, however, there are a number of conditions that need to be met before you will receive a refund.

First, you need to hang on to your invoice that is inside the box when you receive it.  If you don’t have that, they won’t honor your refund.  Then, you need to make sure you send back all of the unused portion, and you better send it back signature confirmation and guaranteed delivery, or they may just happen to “lose it” or “never have received it”.

To top it all off, you need to provide a detailed explanation as to why you are returning it.  There is no such thing as, “it just doesn’t work”, they want a detailed and factual letter explaining tat you took the pills as described, and explain any side effects or problems you had with it.  I guess this is a form of quality control or so, but it seems to make complete sense that they are trying to protect there product from scam artists.

Vigamaxx Commercial


It’s hard to say whether or not these natural alternatives like Vigamaxx or Uroprin actually work. On the one hand, we have a few
positive reviews from actual customers, and on the other we have bad reviews. There has also been no clinical evidence to suggest that products such as these actually work to reduce prostate swelling, and many doctors write off these supplements as quack medicine. Without further research, and cold hard facts about Vigamaxx from licensed Urologist’s, we cannot conclusively determine whether or not this product works. In addition, it actually appears the product may no longer be available for sale, as was determined from several sources.

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