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Viarex Review

Viarex Review

If you ask most men one thing they want to improve about themselves, the size of their penis would be a common answer. Of course, this is assuming you ask anonymously since many guys are dishonest about their size. However, many men consider penis enlargers because they want to be as big as they claim. One potential product to increase penis size is ViareX. Let’s take a closer look at this male enhancer and determine just how effective it is.

ViareX is a topical cream that should be applied twice daily for maximum results, according to the company website. By doing so, you will see an increase in the size of your penis in a short period of time if their claims are accurate. Obviously this is what makes ViareX so appealing. In fact, the company website claims over 11,000 men have tested it out. They also claim their product has seen a 100% success rate. This seems unlikely considering the negative reviews we have found online. Plus, the likelihood of that for any product is small. The website also mentions ViareX is not a pump, a pill, or surgery.

It should be noted that we have reviewed several types of these creams, but find many of them to be ineffective.  The one exception is a product called prosolution gel, which we have used personally.

We always recommend the use of exercises in combination with male enhancement pills, such as vigrx plus, as the most effective solution to erectile dysfunction.

Key Ingredients in ViareX

The following is a listing of the ingredients:  L-Arginine, Yohimbe Extract, Saw Palmetto, Nitric Oxide, and Panax Ginseng Root.  These ingredients are potent and a few of them are commonly included in the top male enhancers.  We love to see L-Arginine and

Viarex Review

Viarex Review

Yohimbe Extract in similar products because of their proven effectiveness. With that said, a great mix of ingredients does not always translate into results. It is best to base a product more on customer reviews than ingredients.

Customer Reviews

We have noticed a mixed bag on customer reviews. There are plenty of reviews out there, which is good. However, not all of them are positive. They claim to have a 100% success rate, but many of the people we spoke with did not have favorable results.  Let’s take a look at two successfull users:

“Not seeing an increase in size yet.  How long does this take?” – Sid

“So ViareX works on me.  I’ve been getting myself off with it at least, haven’t been with a partner.  But whatever works, right?” – Marty


  • Potent ingredients often make for effective products
  • Not a pump or pill. Creams are easy to use.
  • No major known side effects
  • Product is relatively inexpensive


  • Unsure about the validity of some of the claims made by its website.
  • Many mixed reviews make us wonder if it only works for some people.

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ViareX can be purchased online at most retailers or sites such as Amazon and eBay.  It retails for approximately $27 (as of February 2011), so not too expensive.  The risks involved with this topical cream are small, so that is definitely a positive.  Until more evidence suggests ViareX works consistently, we feel there are better options on the market.

Overall Rating (1-10):  6

Reason For Rating:  Great ingredients, some quality reviews, but unknown what percentage of users will have success with it.

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