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Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier

Dave Walker Date: March 2, 2014 Testosterone Boosters
Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier Review

Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier Review

Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier Review

There are lots of reasons to want to up your testosterone levels.  Herbal testosterone boosters have been a mainstay in the world of bodybuilding supplements for decades.  And they’ve transitioned into the male enhancement supplement world as well.  Now, when a company creates a new formula, they usually make a decision to market it either to the bodybuilding crew or the male enhancement crowd.

Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier made by MuscleTech falls decidedly into the body building category.Its draw is that it will help serious athletes get the most out of your efforts and workouts by increasing testosterone receptor concentration.  It’s for hardcore bodybuilders.  The dabblers and the guys who want a libido boost, though they may also find benefit here, are not who Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier is geared toward.

Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier Ingredients and How They Work

Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier is different than most of the testosterone supplements in that it doesn’t actually boost testosterone production. Instead, they claim to take testosterone supplementation to another level by making use of a key compound backed by scientific research.

This key compound is L-Carnitine. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed that L-Carnitine significantly increases pre-workout testosterone receptor concentration which leads to a greater cellular uptake of testosterone. This matters because making the best, most efficient use of available testosterone is what counts when you’re building muscle.

Other ingredients in the formula are:

  • Aspartic Acid to increase secretion of Luteinizing Hormone which triggers the body to produce testosterone.
  • Massularia Acuminate which is an herb believed to increase testosterone levels
  • Calcium and Zinc which help in the process of producing testosterone.

You should take two servings per day of 4 capsules each, one before breakfast and one before lunch. It’s recommended that you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day and that you use Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier in combination with a hardcore workout regimen.

Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier Pros and Cons

Benefits of Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier

  • It uses hardcore science aimed at hardcore results.
  • There are several Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier reviews from users who’ve had real success.
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • The primary ingredient has been clinically tested for effectiveness.

Drawbacks of Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier

  • Some Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier users have found that they experience side effects like headaches and a racing heartbeat.
  • No clinical trials have been conducted specifically on Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier.
  • We found no money-back guarantee.

Where to Buy 

You can buy Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier online. A 168-count bottle contains a one month supply, and we’ve seen it sell for anywhere from $20 to $27.


When making a decision whether or not to endorse Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier, we have to remember that this product is geared toward the serious bodybuilder, not the casual athlete or 45 year old guy looking to boost his libido. The level of expectation is increased. Given that, we’d really like to see some actual proof that Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier does what it says it does. Without that, and without a money-back guarantee, we can’t in good conscience send you out to buy Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier.

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