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Dave Walker Date: September 13, 2013 Male Enhancement
Penimax Review

Penimax Review

Penimax Review

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Penimax is Europe-based male enhancement pill or supplement that is reportedly used to strengthen erections and enlarge penis size. In addition, it has been also claimed that Penimax can increase male sexual stamina and libido. Penimax is being manufactured and marketed by Cobeco Pharma (or MediHerb) a Poland-based company. Penimax comes in both dietary supplement pill and a topical cream forms.

What is Penimax?

Penimax is a unique, dual-action, two-in-one formula that contains dietary herbal pills in oral form and herbal cream for topical application on the penis. The price is around $31.99 with free shipping for one bottle.  

Composition / ingredients of Penimax

According to the internet research, both Penimax cream and pills contain the following key ingredients:

How does Penimax work (Mode of action)?

It has been suggested that Penimax acts by increasing and enhancing blood flow to the penis which will lead to harder and quicker erections. Therefore, Penimax is an enhancement (not an enlargement) product. 

Penimax is for you if:

  • You are looking for an all-purpose male enhancement cream that will work to address common sexual issues including reduced sexual pleasure and stamina, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction (impotency) and small penis size (although this claim is controversial).
  • You would like to buy a cheap (affordable product) with one of the lowest prices on sale

Penimax is not for you if:

  • Based on the scientific studies and trials, Penimax should not be used solely for the propose of enlarging the penile size
  • You would use an authentic product backed with clinical studies and trials
  • You would use a product that is backed by doctors or numerous users

Pros of Penimax

  • Product seems to contain all natural ingredients
  • Fast acting (as per the official claims)
  • No side effects or adverse events have been reported to date
  • Product is genuine and comes from a European company
  • Probably the only well known male enhancement product that can be taken in two different forms i.e. via oral route and though local application (topical route)

Cons of Penimax

  • There is no official website of the company
  • Lack of product testimonials and users’ endorsements
  • Not enough information on packaging about the topical administration of the cream on the penis prior to sexual activity
  • Lack of sufficient users’ testimonials on internet
  • It has been claimed that Penimax can increase penis size significantly, even up to 3-4 cm (1/2-1 inch) in both length and girth. However, authenticity of such claims is not established.
  • The product packaging or website does not list the quantities of any of the ingredients in either formulation of Penimax
  • Apparently there is no product guarantee or return/refund policy details are confusing as it requires the product to be returned no later than 10 days within purchase and unopened. Considering the product is coming from abroad (Europe), 10 days is hardly sufficient time to return the package.

Our recommendation

While the product Penimax does offer the unique of two-in-one formulation (i.e. pills + cream), lack of official website, sufficient product information and absence of ingredients’ quantities are some of the factors that do not go in favour of this product. Therefore, we recommend readers and enthusiastic users to be extremely cautious especially if they want to use this product for enlargement. While the product is cheaply priced, there are no doctors’ recommendations or enough testimonials from the successful users.

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