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1.  Penegra

Penegra Review

Penegra Review

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of male enhancement pills on the market, and Penegra was introduced by Cydis Cadilla healthcare as an alternative to Viagra. It has been the subject of much scrutiny by the FDA and other regulatory agencies about its effectiveness and likelihood that it actually works. We decided to research this product and give you our un-biased review of whether or not it can help to treat erectile dysfunction. Like many other penis enlarging products on the market, Penegra claims to give you an all natural erection which can last for hours when used properly.

2.  What are the Claims Behind This Penegra?

According to various sources, Penegra, also known as Cildenifil Citrate is a pharmaceutical drug similar to others which creates an erection. It claims it does this by increasing the amount of blood and oxygen flow to the end of the penis, filling the arteries with blood, which forms a natural expansion. It does not cause an immediate erection, and often takes about 40 – 60 minutes before you actually see results. They also claim that their drug helps men with premature ejaculation, as well as increase your sex drive.

3.  Ingredients behind Penegra

The main active ingredient in Penegra is Cildenifil Citrate. We could not find any other inactive ingredients.

4.  So Does This Product Actually Work?

In our search, we could not find any reviews or testimonials from actual customers about Penegra. After reading about this product through many different sites, we can determine that these pills may actually work for a short erection, not lasting more than a few hours.

5.  The Problem with taking Penegra

By taking this drug, you will receive a temporary erection that will last about 4 to 5 hours. You need to be sexually stimulated before the drug actually starts working, so it will not give you a sustained erection. These pills also contain many different chemicals which may be harmful to the body as well.

While they are considered the pharmaceutical equivalent of Viagra, they will not give you permanent results. There are also many side effects that come with taking this drug, including headache, sore throat, nasau, and erections lasting more than 5 hours. Some of these side effects can actually be considered life threatening, so its best to stay away from these drugs.

You should use extreme caution before taking Penegra, and it is advised you speak with a doctor before ordering these pills.

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