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Paravol Review

Paravol Review

Low testosterone is a problem millions of American males share in common. This causes a lack of confidence and low stamina that the opposite sex finds unappealing. Paravol is a product designed to give a boost of testosterone and get you back on track to having longer erections, increased libido, and giving you greater sensitivity for superior sexual satisfaction for both partners.


Key Ingredients in Paravol

  •  Avena Sativa,
  •  Tongkat Ali ( also known as Eurycoma Longifolia and Long jack )
  •  Muira Puama Herb,
  •  Stinging Nettle Extract,
  •  Horny Goat Weed, ( also called Epimedium )
  •  Tribulus Terrestris extract,
  •  Maca Root extract,
  •  Catuaba Bark Extract and
  •  Sarsaparilla

How Does Paravol Work?

The main ingredients are known compounds popular in male enhancement, erectile dysfunction, and even aphrodisiac supplements.  The user takes Paravol twice a day and over time he is supposed to notice longer-lasting sexual encounters, increased sensitivity, and an overall boost to his libido.  The Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium), Tongkat Ali, and Tribulus Terrestris are mixed together to make a formidable combination of erectile dysfunction-fighting and libido-increasing herbs and extracts.

There have been over nine clinical studies done by six major universities and academic hospitals that have confirmed these beneficial effects.   When low testosterone contributes to impotence, Paravol helps to turn things around and balance out the body’s hormone levels, thus restoring a healthy sex drive.

A similar product, Prolatis 2.0, also attempts to do this using almost the same exact formulation.

Customer Reviews of Paravol

While most of the reviews for Paravol are favorable, it would help to have more reviews.  Here are a couple of them:

“This product works great. As an ED sufferer for years, I am truly grateful for products like this one that really work. Stamina Rx also works really well.”    

“I saw an ad for a trial of Paravol in a fitness mag, and after finishing my first bottle I can say that this stuff really works. It takes a week or two to kick in (it’s not Viagra), and I will admit I had to increase the dose (they recommend two pills / day, but customer service said if that is not working you can take up to four / day, I am good on three / day).

Effects: I have not noticed any increase in size exactly, not that it claims to, but feel my drive coming back, and erections are hard now and last a LONG time. Has really given me my confidence back in the bedroom. With so many other seemingly scammy products out there, I think I will just stick with this one.” 

Video Reviews

Paravol Pros

  • Increased Testosterone
  • Libido Boost
  • Includes Horny Goat Weed and Tribulus Terrestris extract

Paravol Cons

  • Slow-acting, have to take it over time
  • Does Not Contain L-Arginine


Paravol is somewhat unknown in the male enhancement industry.  There are some good reviews, though probably just as many negative ones.  If your sex life is miserable due to low testosterone levels, this supplement might be a good option for you as long as it isn’t your first option.  If you have tried other supplements with minimal success, we recommend giving Paravol a shot.  If you haven’t, we suggest you read more of our reviews for products that could be more effective.

Overall Rating (1-10): 6

Reason For Rating:  Enough positive customer reviews to give Paravol a decent score, but not enough evidence to suggest it is as good as advertised.

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