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Ramagra Review Summary

Ramagra Review

Ramagra Review

Ramagra labels itself, like many other products, as the all natural alternative to Viagra. We found this supplement while investigating various types of male pills designed to effectively increase sexual vigor and confidence. It is marketed and distributed by a company called Nature’s Cures,which is located in the UK.

This company also manufactures a number of other sexual stimulants, including “Climagra” the female designed to help women with their sexual problems. We decided to research the effectiveness of this supplement by analyzing the ingredients, evaluating customer reviews and results, and reviewing independent third party websites for more information.

Introduction and Ingredients

Ramagra is only sold through their official website, and is currently not available in stores. It purportedly works by naturally expanding the blood vessels that lead to the penis, and increasing the blood flow to produce an all natural erection. This product works different from pharmaceutical type drug because it does not contain active ingredients such as Sildenafil.

The average retail price is around $17.95, however you can order a small trial version for around $3. Shipping is free, and ramagra states that they provide a 30 day money back guarantee, however you must return the product in order to redeem it. Shipping normally takes anywhere from 5 – 10 days,since it is coming from the UK.

We scoured the internet looking for a listing of the ingredients but could not find any information.

Reviews of Ramagra

There are several discussions as to the potency of ramagra currently being discussed online. Many reviewers have complained that the product took a very long time to ship, often as much as 3 weeks. Some even complained of some debilitating side effects, with the most common complaint being a flushed face. A sample from actual customers:

“this product did nothing for me. Took it for about 6 days straight, all it did was give me the jitters and
flushed skin. I would not recommend it to anyone.”

“Ramagra is complete rubbish and DOES NOT WORK at all. First off, I was so pissed that i got their “free trial” about 3 weeks after i ordered it. I mean, how can it take so long to ship a bottle. Secondly, the bottle says take it once a day, which i did, and got absolutely no effect at all. As a matter of fact all i got was a headache.”

“Just tried Ramagra, viagra made for the credit crunch. Fail.”
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Complaints About Customer Service

We came across several discussions and reviews of men who complained thoroughly about Ramagra’s customer service. Many had said that they had sent emails and made phone calls but were never returned. We could not validate these claims through any official means, but if several people are complaining about it the theory goes it is probably true.


Based on our research analysis, we can conclude that Ramagra probably does not work. There are simply to many complaints about customer service and user results to ignore the fact, and it is compounded by a lack of clear ingredients. It is nearly impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of any supplement, for that matter, unless the label clearly identifies what the supplement contains. This is not only reflective of the company who manufactures it, but also a reflection of a poor quality product. If you or someone you know has tried ramagra, or if you have claims that can prove these statements otherwise, please feel free to contact us.

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