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Trimix Gel

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Trimix Gel
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Trimix Gel Review

Dave’s Rating: 3 stars

trimix gel

Trimix gel is a product used for erectile dysfunction in cases where treatments like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis have proven unsuccessful. It forms a compound medication of three strong erection drugs that when administered directly through the urethra will take effect in as little as 5 minutes. If you’re seeking a boost and trying to combat your ED and have failed with the aforementioned PDE5 inhibitors, Trimix gel is a viable option and in addition avoids the use of direct injections into the penis – something which many men would be pleased about. This is a genuine non-herbal medication and as such requires a prescription from your doctor.

What is Trimix Gel? 

Trimix Gel is a mixture of the three drugs: alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine. These are powerful drugs all known to stimulate erections. The product itself features two syringe-like containers which have inside a medicated gel and the trimix powder. They interlock and by pushing the plunger each way you mixed the product to form the Trimix gel itself. Once mixed thoroughly you simply insert the syringe gently into the urethral opening and push the plunger. The effects start to occur in roughly 5-15 minutes and can last for well over an hour.

Trimix Gel is a slightly odd treatment to evaluate since it has both good and bad points. On the plus there is real science backing it with all its key ingredients shown to be somewhat effective in promoting erections. On the other hand the products penetration into the wider market seems to be minimal at best. The price for a six-dose package will cost upwards of $150 making it rather expensive and the product you are given needs to be refrigerated well or it will quickly lose its potency. It’s also quite difficult to locate some solid information on the company behind Trimix-Gel and despite the ingredients being FDA approved, the final compounded medication is not.

Active Ingredients 


Alprostadil is a prostaglandin that relaxes muscles in the walls of blood-vessels to increase blood supply.  Studies have shown that a direct delivery to the penis via injection give 80% of men with ED an erection suitable for sexual intercourse.


Papaverine is a vasodilator that too causes increased blood-supply to the penis by prompting blood vessels to expand. Studies have highlighted that papaverine does not work well for ED by itself but has a far greater success rate combined with alprostadil and phentolamine.


Phentolamine too works in the same way as papaverine and alprostadil by vasodilation of blood vessels. Studies have highlighted it is roughly 50% effective via injection into the penis and is again recommended to be used with papaverine and alprostadil.

Trimix Gel Pros 

  • Effective for those who have tried other treatments (like PDE5 inhibitors) that have failed
  • Avoids the use of needles and is generally painless
  • Convenient and easy to apply
  • Effects occur in 5 to 15 minutes – making it a fast option
  • Available in different doses to suit your personal needs

Trimix Gel Cons 

  • Requires refrigeration and as consequence is not easy to travel with
  • Expensive – a single dose of Trimix gel will cost you no less than $25
  • Some side effects have been reported such as pain in the penis or testicles, minor bleeding, dizziness, palpitations and headaches.
  • Only available with prescription
  • Poor customer service and not very well known amongst physicians

Overall Recommendation 

Overall, Trimix Gel is certainly worth a shot (no pun intended) for those who have failed on treatments like Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors. It’s also a strong option for those who refuse to go down the injection route as well. Trimix is also available in injection form which has a lot more credible support going for it – and since the active ingredients are the same, there’s really no reason to be too sceptical. It is important however to see your physician and/or urologist for information and advice first even though they may likely have never heard of the product.

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  1. Peter March 29, 2016 at 1:25 am

    I have used a “BiMix” version of the Gel today for the first time. It has just 2 of the common ingredients, Alprostadil and Phentolamine. This product came from PharmaLabs by way of a company called MenMD. I have found their customer service to be unusually good, including free access to their staff physician, who takes much interest in his customers/patients. He also works directly with my urologist for a team effort. The product came in the mail as two pre-gel-filled syringes – no needles – no mixing. These can be out of the fridge for 48 to 72 hours. Each has 1 ml of gel, with a dose rate of 0.25ml, so 4 doses per syringe. At $25 per syringe the cost per dose is $6.25. I had no problem with the first time application, and it worked right on time as advertised. I had two “first time” issues I hope I can resolve: it worked much stronger in a standing position, so I also used a compression ring for a horizontal position; I also felt the advertised side effect of some “ache” in the penis. This may have something to do with the stretching that definitely took place, as I suffer from prostate surgery induced ED, and I am not normally as large as the result was of using this med (hard to complain about that!). I will keep using BiMix and see if I can perfect my technique! The wife was happy with the first try.

    • Dave Walker March 29, 2016 at 11:37 pm

      Thanks for your review Peter!


  2. Mark October 27, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    Just a note, Trimix Gel does not require refrigeration in the un-mixed state. It only requires refrigeration after it is mixed in the syringes.

    • Dave Walker November 1, 2015 at 2:01 pm

      Thanks Mark!


  3. jeff July 2, 2015 at 11:52 am

    I used trimix for over a year and at a VERY healthy 58 it gave me a harder, longer errection than I had at 17. If you inject right it doesn’t hurt AT ALL and the pleasure you get is beyond explanations. I switched to just Alprostadil and find I get the same results. One ingredient in Trimix is papaverine which is a beta blocker and it can cause some undesirable side effects like decreased respiration, dizziness and a host of other problems. Alprostadil alone I can use max 3 times a week. Trimix 3 times a week and I was a bit of a zombie, just wanted to sleep and the bounce back time was days. I strongly recommend the injection route. But avoid the papaverine. You don’t need a beta blocker unless your sick.
    Alprostadil injection is fantastic ….seriously, a life changer.

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