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extengin reviewIn an age where new all natural male enhancement products appear on the market everyday, there is no shortage to choose from. We review only the most popular supplements to help save you time, and money, and give you our most honest, unbiased report on which ones work and which ones don’t. We came across extengin while researching various male enhancer’s, and decided to conduct a thorough investigation of this product.

What Is Extengin?

Extengin is an over the counter supplement used to help treat erectile dysfunction. It is sold on some of the leading nutrition based websites, as well as Amazon, and usually retails for around $20 a bottle. Like alot of other male enhancement products, extengin promises to give you fuller, longer-lasting erections, as well as an overall increase in your sex drive.

Unfortunately, as of this writing we could not find an information on the ingredients in Extengin. The description of the product does say that it includes a blend of all natural herbs and extracts.

Reviews of Extengin

There are numerous reviews and testimonials of extengin on both their website, as well as amazon. Most have reported great results, but like alot of other reviews posted about similar products, many of these appear to be fabricated. We determined this because the majority of reviewers are very new to amazon, or this was there only review.

“This product has worked well for me for endurance and reliability in the sex department. I wasn’t looking for help with size and wont comment either way on that.”

Pro’s of Extengin

  • Moderately Low Priced.
  • Sold On Amazon.
  • Positive Reviews

Cons of Extengin

  • No product website
  • No Doctor Testimonials
  • No Ingredients Listed

Overall Conclusion

We have found that male enhancement supplements that do not have a website typically are very new. The lack of evidence of the ingredients in extengin only further complicates the matter. We could not say conclusively whether this product works or not, simply because there is a lack of clear information.

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