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Vialafil Gel

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Vialafil Gel

Vialafil Gel Review

Vialafil Gel Review

There is an abundance of male enhancement products on the market that will help to sustain your erection. After researching several topical premature ejaculation creams and ointments, we came across a substance called Vialafil. Vialafil claims to help end premature ejaculation using a combination of ingredients they have proven effective to work very quickly. We decided to take an in-depth look at the ingredients,side effects, and customer results first hand to see if it really works the way they say it

What Exactly is Vialafil Gel?

According to their website, vialafil is a topical lotion that is applied directly to the male genetalia to help
with overall sexual function. It is manufactured and distributed by a company called Newton Everett Biotech, which sells it through many large scale retail sites such as amazon and enutramart. The product does not appear to be sold in stores.  Vialifil gel works similarly to a product called Prosolution gel, which starts to work within just a few minutes of application.

The average retail price for vialafil gel is $29.95, and is sold online through their main website. The gel is applied directly to the penis 10 minutes prior to sexual activity, and is said to start working almost immediately. It is often sold in conjunction with their popular male enhancement pills.

How Does It Work?

According to various sources, vialafil gel works by synthesizing Nitric Oxide, or NO, which is a vasolidator that expands the blood vessels around the penis during sexual arousal. It does this through the use of L-Arginine, which is naturally found in the body, but often in low levels.

The L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide production, which in turn produces the erection neccesary to perform sex uninhibited. Other ingredients in vialafil gel include yohimbe, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, dodder seed, epimedium, and Niacin.

Reviews of Vialafil Gel

We could not find any published reviews from customers who have used this product.

Overall Conclusion

It appears that Vialafil Gel contains all of the neccessary ingredients used in most premature ejaculation creams. The fact that it contains Yohimbe is a testament to a very fast acting product, considering yohimbe is a very potent ingredient. If you have used this topical gel, please send us your review.

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