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HardnThick Overview

We run across this all the time.  A reader hears about a male enhancement product, it sounds intriguing, so he asks us to do a review.  We begin our research process and quickly find out that the product is no longer on the market.  The reason this happens is that the male enhancement market is kind of like the old American Wild West.  Lots of people with big dreams take a risk (by putting a product out there), and some of them fail.

HardnThick is one of those products.  It was made be a company called Health Research Labs, which is also no longer around.We’ve got to hand it to them.It’s a very professional sounding company name.I suppose they wanted to cover all their bases.  They chose a professional-sounding company and a racy-sounding product.For whatever reason, HardnThick and Health Research Labs didn’t make it.  But since we still have guys asking about it, we’ll tell you what we were able to find out.

How HardnThick Works 

The idea of HardnThick was that it was for men over 40 who needed a testosterone boost.   As we age, our bodies just naturally produce less and less testosterone each year.  Eventually, say after 40 or so,you start to notice.  You gain fat more easily yet gaining muscle is so much harder.  You get tired and cranky.  And you lose interest and/or performance ability when it comes to sex.  None of these are positive effects, so HardnThick would come to the rescue.

HardnThick claimed to work by increasing your body’s natural testosterone producing process.  With more testosterone flowing through your body, you’re leaner, fitter, happier, more interested in sex, and more able to get and sustain a thick, hard erection.

HardnThick Ingredients

What we know about the HardnThick formula is that it contained:

  • Tribulus Terrestris which increases testosterone production through the Luteinizing Hormone pathway. It signals the pituitary gland to release more LH which in turn signals the testes to produce more testosterone.
  • L-Arginine which is a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is important to both erections and muscle building because it improves blood flow.
  • DHEA is a hormone similar to testosterone, and similarly lost as we age.
  • Vitamin B6 which provides energy.
  • Turmeric which is a libido boosting aphrodisiac.

We couldn’t find any information about dosing, but we have to assume that it was meant to be a daily supplement to build testosterone levels over time.


Benefits of HardnThick

  • The ingredients were all natural.

Drawbacks of HardnThick

  • For whatever reason, HardnThick is no longer being made.


Where to Buy

Sometimes, a product is discontinued, but there is so much left over stock or there’s a huge aftermarket, so it remains available for quite some time. I’m not sure when HardnThick was discontinued, but we were not able to find a source.


Discontinuations of male enhancement supplements happen all the time. It is usually not scandalous, just indicative of a failed business venture. This is what appears to be the case with HardnThick.

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