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Xzen 1200 Gold

Dave Walker Date: December 20, 2013 Male Enhancement 1 Comment on Xzen 1200 Gold

Xzen 1200 Gold Review

Dave’s Rating: 3.5 Stars

Top ChoicesXzen 1200 Gold is an herbal alternative to prescription erectile dysfunction medications for men who want to improve their sexual performance without the inconvenience of an office visit, the expense of prescription drugs, or the risk of serious side effects.
The makers of Xzen 1200 Gold claim that you will experience:

  • Better erections
  • Boosted libido
  • Improved sexual health
  • Higher testosterone levels

How Xzen 1200 Gold Works and Its Ingredients

You should take 1 Xzen 1200 Gold capsule about an hour before sexual activity.  The effects can last up to 72 hours.  We read a few Xzen 1200 Gold reviews from guys who said it actually did last that long. You are strongly recommended against taking more than one capsule in a 3 to 4 day period.

The ingredients list is long.  Some of the highlights are:

  • Avena Sativa and Tribulus Terrestris for testosterone level support.
  • Maca, Ginger, and Astragalus for a libido boost.
  • Guarana, Cinnamon, and Ginkgo Biloba for energy and stamina.

Xzen 1200 Gold ReviewOne ingredient that’s noticeably absent is L-Arginine for better erections through increased blood flow.  In fact, there aren’t any blood flow enhancing ingredients listed.  Another ingredient that is missing is yohimbe, which is a very powerful but dangerous stimulant that can cause many side effects.

Xzen 1200 Gold Pros and Cons

One way to determine whether or not using a new product is a good idea is by comparing the positive and negative attributes of the product.

The Good About Xzen 1200 Gold

  • It requires no commitment.
  • You don’t need a prescription.
  • It can last up to 72 hours.
  • We found several positive Xzen 1200 Gold reviews.

The Bad About Xzen1200 Gold

  • It does not contain L-Arginine.
  • Some users have have found that it causes headaches.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a money back guarantee.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Xzen 1200 Gold at Amazon.  A bottle with 6 capsules is priced at $39.66 with free shipping.  There is no Xzen 1200 Gold website so this is the only option we could find at this time.


Xzen 1200 Gold is a bit on the expensive side at over $6 per pill.  According to the reviews we’ve seen, it may be worth it. We would say that if you’re willing to spend the money without being covered by a guarantee, you might find Xzen 1200 Gold to be just what you need.  However, the fact that many users experience headaches leads us to believe that it may contain illegal ingredients.

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