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Dave Walker Date: December 12, 2013 Male Enhancement 2 Comments on Zytenz
Zytenz Review

Zytenz Review

Zytenz brands itself as the “secret to a better sex life”, and we originally came across this formula while running a search for male enhancement products. Like so many others, Zytenz promises to intensify pleasure and performance, increase the intensity and duration of your orgasms, and is supposed to increase both the length and the girth of your penis dramatically. The official website comes with the usual pictures of a couple kissing, doctors standing around with their arms folded looking very professional, and graphs showing what you could gain if you take their product for a period of time. But is there any truth to their claims? In this review, we take a deep look into what makes Zytenz a supposedly best selling male enhancement supplement.

What is Zytenz and How Does It Work?

Marketed as an over the counter remedy for erectile dysfunction, Zytenz is widely sold throughout North America as a leading alternative to pharmaceutical medications. Their official site is actually very professional, and they clearly mark their customer service, even going so far as to having a chat session available so you can ask questions.

The distributors of Zytenz promise that by taking their product, you will see gains in size, stamina, and intensity almost immediately, and back it with a 60 day guarantee. This revolutionary formula is supposed to work effectively after a few days, and best results are realized after 3 months of usage.  Their is no mention of how often you need to take the pill, but we can assume it is taken everyday.

Ingredients and Side Effects in Zytenz

The ingredients in Zytenz may represent some of the most popular in the male enhancement category, however the manufacturer actually does not disclose what those ingredients are. Among other products in it’s category, zytenz probably includes such ingredients as horny goat weed, l-arginine, maca root extract, ginseng, gingko biloba, and tribulus terrestris.

They also mention that their product is side effect free because it contains only natural ingredients, but it should be noted that even natural ingredients can have side effects. For instance, the presence of ginseng can indicate that you can potentially have side effects such as trouble sleeping, irritability, and even nausea. We could not find any specific consumer complaints either on the official site, or on third party sites.

Where To Buy Zytenz

Zytenz only appears available on the companies official site and on Amazon. The cheapest price available for a one month supply was on the merchants site, and that was for $39.95. Obviously the more product you buy, the cheaper it gets, and you can find it on a per bottle price of as little as $25 a bottle, when you buy a 6 month supply. Zytenz is not sold in any stores.


If you are looking for a quality product that actually discloses their formula, this is not it. The fact that the makers of Zytenz don’t even discuss what ingredients they have in their product leads us to believe that it could potentially contain some harmful by-products or stimulants. One positive factor is the fact that the distributors offer a 60 day money back guarantee, however make sure you read the fine print. We went over their guarantee, and you have to use their product for at least 30 days, and all other bottles should not be opened, otherwise your order is non refundable.
otherwise your order is non refundable.

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