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Dave Walker Date: July 12, 2014 Male Enhancement

Ascend for Men Overview

You can tell the free trial scams are getting noticed when you start to see other supplements advertizing that they don’t offer free trials an automatic shipping programs.  If you’re not familiar with these, I can explain.  Many supplement companies offer “free trial” promotions that really aren’t free.  If you sign up for the trial, you get the product free for s period of time, usually 14 days, and if you don’t call and cancel within that time, you pay full price for the product, and you’re signed up for monthly shipments at full price forever, until you cancel.

Thankfully, Ascend for Men tells you right off the bat that that’s not what they do. Believe me, that’s a good thing.  The next thing they tell you is that without drugs, stimulants, or side effects, this product will improve your erections, give you more control over them, and allow you to finish with explosively intense orgasm.  Not only that, but Ascend for Men has been made by Dreamcastle since 1994.  That’s going on 20 years!

How Ascend for Men Works

Ascend for Men is a daily supplement.  Some guys will feel the results right away, but most will need it to build up in their system over time.  In fact, they recommend that you start with a relatively high dose of 4 capsules a day until you can determine how you’re being affected.  The goal is 2 capsules per day in the longer term.

The primary mechanism of action is increased blood flow to the penis.  This is what makes for thicker, harder, more sustainable erections.

Ascend for Men Ingredients

The formula is proprietary, which means they won’t reveal how much of each component is in there, but they do tell us what those components are.

  • Avena Sativa helps free up testosterone that’s been bound to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). When testosterone is bound, it’s not available to work throughout the body, making you more virile.  When you have more free testosterone, your desire increases and your performance improves.
  • Zinc is essential to the body’s testosterone producing mechanism.
  • Nettle helps support prostate health.
  • Damiana has long been used as an herbal aphrodisiac.
  • Saw Palmetto helps keep your prostate and the rest of your reproductive system healthy and functioning on all cylinders.

Benefits of Ascend for Men

  • It’s been around a long time.
  • The marketing is straight forward.
  • There’s a 45 day money back guarantee.
  • The ingredients are all natural.

Drawbacks of Ascend for Men

  • It does not contain L-Arginine or anything else specifically for the increase of blood flowing to the penis.
  • It can get kind of expensive.
  • We had a hard time finding independent Ascend for Men reviews, which we find odd considering how long it’s been around.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Ascend for Men through the official website.  A 30-capsule bottle sells for $34.95, but at the 4 capsules a day schedule, it’ll only last you a week.  A 60-capsule bottle, which after the initial phase should last a month, sells for $49.95. There is a 45 day money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer.


We wanted to like Ascend for Men, and we give it kudos for being low key and not super-hyped up on the marketing.  But really it’s all about the formula, and this one doesn’t add up.  The 5 ingredients they chose just aren’t going to get the job done. They’ve got testosterone, prostate, and libido covered, but Ascend for Men falls short on increasing the flow of blood so necessary for your best erections.

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