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Asphaton Review

Dave’s Review: 1.5 stars

The technical definition may be more precise, but in my book and in the books of most guys I talk to, if you ejaculate before you want to, that’s premature ejaculation.  What I’m saying is that you don’t have to fit within the exact number of seconds before you can seek help.  If you want to be able to last longer, then you can seek out herbal premature ejaculation solutions.

Asphaton is one choice.  It’s a daily herbal supplement designed to fend off premature ejaculation, whatever the reason or frequency with which it occurs.  It’s made by a British company, and it’s presented on an official website, where they explain a little bit about the potential causes of premature ejaculation and how Asphaton aims to solve them.

How Asphaton Works

asphaton review

Asphaton claims to tackle the problem of premature ejaculation at the root instead of just focusing on symptoms.  It makes your penis less sensitive to stimulation while boosting libido and increasing energy and stamina.

After taking 2 Asphaton tablets three times a day for a month, you can expect to see results lasting as long as 8 months into the future.

Asphaton Ingredients

The Asphaton website lists all the ingredients in the formula but does not explain how they work to desensitize the penis or prevent premature ejaculation.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find explanations of how they help anywhere.

The list includes:

  • Withania Coagulans
  • Asacia Arabica
  • Iron Murakab
  • Processed Egg Shell Calcium
  • Kushta Qalee
  • Asphaltum

Where to Buy

Asphaton is supposedly sold on its official website.  The one month supply retails for about $100. Unfortunately, the order page is disabled, so at this time, there is no way to buy it.

Benefits of Asphaton

  • Results may be permanent.
  • A full ingredient list is provided.

Drawbacks of Asphaton

  • There’s no explanation of how Asphaton works.
  • We found no reviews from customers who’ve used it.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a way to order it.


We can’t find any reason to recommend that you try Asphaton.  Because of the disabled order page, you couldn’t buy it even if we did recommend it.  It would seem as though this was just another mediocre product that prayed on the secret hopes of guys wanting help for their very private problem.  It didn’t pan out, and now Asphaton is no longer available.

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