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avela reviewWe have come across some very popular male enhancement supplements in the past week, and one major one we found being promoted on several websites is a pill called Avela. This supplement is very different from drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, because it is designed to help give you an all natural enhancement, not change the chemistry of your brain to make you harder. We decided to review avela for it’s ingredients, customer feedback, how it works, and most importantly, whether it actually does work.

What exactly is Avela?

Avela is manufactured and distributed by a company called Virodyne Reseach Ltd. which is located in Kansas. It is currently available on the shelves of many major retail stores, including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. The dosage requires you to take Avela once a day for overal sexual health improvement, and 1 capsule up to 1 hour before sex.

After taking Avela on a regular basis, the company says you should experience positive results, such as promoting stronger, firmer erections, and gaining confidence in the bedroom. It does not contain yohimbe or caffeine, and there are no reported side effects from taking Avela.

What Are The Ingredients in Avela?

Avela is made up of a special blend of ingredients including: L-Arginine, Cnidium Monnier, ginkgo biloba, bioperine, tribulus terrestris, and muira puama. Almost all of these ingredients can be found in some of the leading all natural male enhancers out there, such as vitrix, including L-Arginine, which is absolutely neccessary for a product that works.

This ingredients helps in the production of Nitric Oxide (NO), which helps to dilate the blood vessels, and relax the muscles around them, allowing for increased blood flow. Check out how L-arginine assists in increasing the blood flow to the penis:

how avela works

Avela Reviews

We could only find one review of avela, and that was located on Amazons website. As you can see below it was not very positive.

“I hated this product … it was terrible tasting and left me gassy all day long. Only took it for a couple days but that was enough!!!”

Overall Review

While we do believe most of the ingredients in avela are necessary for male enhancement, we are not sure if it contains the right blend for neccessary enlargement. One thing is for sure, the introduction of l-arginine in the mix definetly adds to give you an increased sex drive, as well as a larger, firmer erection. We believe, if taken consistently, Avela can work to help promote increased overall sexual function.

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