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Vitrix Review

Vitrix Review

Vitrix is an all natural male performance enhancer that is sold in many large retailers, including vitamin shoppe and GNC. We decided to take a good look at this so called “most popular” male libido enhancer, and review this product for it’s efficacy. Throughout this review, we will discuss the ingredients behind Vitrix, as well as any potential side effects, supplement facts, and whether or not it actually works.


What is Vitrix
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So What Exactly is Vitrix?

This supplement is manufactured by a company called Nutrex, which also sells products in the weight loss/muscle building categories. It is purportedly used to help build muscle, as well as increase your sex drive. Vitrix does this by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase hormone levels. It is NOT intended for male enhancement or growth, but rather to increase your desire for sex, as well as your endurance.

It is interesting to note that Vitrix is developed and marketed by a very reputable company with over 7 years experience in the field of male performance. In an age where there are new products coming out everyday saying they are the best, it is refreshing to see a company that backs their product.

According to the label, you are supposed to take upwards of 6 capsules per day, and split the dosage on non training / lifting days. Whats great and unique about Vitrx is that it comes in Liquid Capsule form, which is a refreshing difference from the tablets we have taken. Gel caps break down in the stomach quickly, and allow for increased absorption in the blood stream. This allows you to get the effects faster, and longer.  Compare this with products like zyrexin, that use capsule form, and you will see the difference.

Ingredients and Side Effects of Vitrix

Vitrix contains a number of fast acting ingredients, including 1000% of your daily value of Tribulus Terrestris, epimedium, Litex Agnus Cacsus, and Long Jack. These ingredients, particularly Tribulus, have been used for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac and stimulant.

It also contains a liquid capsule nutrient blend which is proprietary and consists of avena sativa, equidmedium, longfolia jack, and others. This formula seems to be developed out of a concern for a product that works both to increase workout intensity, as well as performance in the bedroom. We have actually never heard of avena sativa, as Vitrix appears to be one of the only supplements that carries it.

Despite alot of research, we could not find anyone that suffered from any significant side effects with taking Vitrix. As with most performance supplements (see expanzite), there are bound to be a few men that have experienced adverse effects, but we believe that they were so minor that they haven’t even been reported. One user reported a slight stomach pain, but this could be due to ingestion on an empty stomach.

Video Review

Reviews of Vitrix

There are many positive reviews of Vitrix listed on numerous websites. As a matter of fact, there were very few customers that did not have a positive experience with this product, though we think it may have to do with there first exposure to Tribulus Terrestris.

“For the past 6 months or so I have been working long hours and by the time I get home I’m generally not in the mood, and even when I am it is difficult for me to stay focused during the act which poses another problem. After trying boost ultra, I picked up a bottle of Vitrix and it has made a world of difference. I think about sex throughout the day and look forward to coming home and have problem getting into to anymore. The company mentions that you don’t have to cycle it, which is great.”Charlie, Wisconsin

“Ran a few ph cycles back in the day and my “desire” has never been the same. I’ve tried many test boosters out to get me up to where I use to be but nothing seemed to have an effect on my “desire”. I started using Vitrix about 8 months ago and within the first week I started noticing a huge increase in my drive. I finally feel like how I use to feel and my wife is very happy as well. Can’t go a day without it.”Tanner, California

Where To Buy Vitrix

Compared to many other supplements in its category, Vitrix is actually modestly priced. You can buy it at many local nutrition stores, often at a discount. As a matter of fact, it looks like you can purchase it at over 50 different smaller retailers through the US. After some research, we found vitrix for sale at a local gnc for $40, and it was also available on amazon for as little as $30. It should be noted that this price is for 90 capsules, which is only a half months supply.

I also noticed that you can buy this product on the official site for only $100 bucks. If you are on their homepage, look for a link that says “buy 2 get one free”, and click on it. You will then be redirected to a page that gives a special one time discount to visitors, which lowers the price to only $33 a bottle, not including shipping. It does not appear that you can buy it if you live outside the US.  You will
often find Vitrix on the same shelves as stamina rx, but often at a much cheaper price tag.

Vitrix Model Team

Vitrix  Review

Vitrix Review

Vitrix also runs a modeling competition every month, where contestants have the ability to upload photos of themselves in hopes of getting chosen for their elite model team.

Whats awesome is that there is not just some random panel of judges that choose who wins or loses, but guys like us get to. If you visit their official site you can vote on your favorite to win. It is unclear as to what the prize, if any, there is for competing in this contest, but I am sure that they are somehow compensated for appearing in related ads and commercials featuring the Vitrix product.

So far, the official team is comprised of 6 women from the United States, that have succefully been chosen as members to this exclusive club. You can also follow them on twitter and facebook to get the latest information on upcoming shows and sponsored events.


Based on the reviews and testimonials we have read, we give Vitrix a thumbs up. In addition, this supplement contains all of the necessary ingredients found in all natural sex drive formulas. With the absence of any major side effects, its easily availability at nationwide stores, and reputation, we believe this product does what it says it does.

Take into account the customer reviews of Vitrix, both on third party independent sites as well as the merchants official site. We have also compared this particular product to our own top choice, called Vigrx Plus, which you can see below.

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