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Avena Syrup Review

Dave Walker Date: July 6, 2014 Male Enhancement No Comments on Avena Syrup Review

Avena Syrup ReviewAvena Syrup Review

Avena has long been known as a potent aphrodisiac, and ever since its discovery, there has been no shortage of companies willing to sell the substance in many different forms. We recently learned that, of all people, Osama Bin Laden’s lair was found to contain a significant quantity of an Avena Sativa syrup, that of which is supposed to act as an all natural Viagra. With so many wives to keep up with, this stuff must have worked for the guy, so we were curious to see if we could find a similar product sold on the market containing Avena Sativa.

What is Avena Syrup?

This question is best answered if you first understand what Avena Sativa is. A common oat, Avena Sativa is actually a species of cereal grain grown for its seed. It has actually been used for quite sometime, and has many reported benefits, including the enhancement of sexual stamina, function, and increased orgasms.

As mentioned earlier, the ingredient has been used in several other products, including Nitrocut and Enzyte, and I can personally attest to its power.

So what is so great about the syrup?

Well, to begin with, we couldn’t actually find a specific Avena Syrup for sale online that explicitly stated you would receive sexual benefits, nor was there any clinical research conducted on the substance. As mentioned earlier, it was noted that one of the so called “medicines” found during the Bin Laden raid happened to be Avena Sativa serum.

The theory is that Avena Sativa somehow frees up bound testosterone to free testosterone, which ultimately makes it a more active substance. This is, of course, what the makers of the product say, and there has been no clinical research that has suggested it really does work this way.

From our research, it really just looks like Avena Syrup just acts as a light to mild aphrodisiac, much less powerful than its many counterparts such as yohimbe, Epimedium, or tribulus terrestris.

Where To Buy Avena Syrup

There is an Avena Oat smoothie for sale, made by a company called Alpina. While they do not suggest their product as an all natural aphrodisiac, it is touted as a good source of protein and calcium, so at least there is one potential benefit from it.

There is also another company called Allens which makes a product called Avena 10, but they state that their product is intended to help with nervous exhaustion, fatigue, irritability, and insomnia. We scoured through the shelves of Whole Foods, GNC, and Vitamin Shoppe, and found that you cannot buy it from them.

Not to be deterred, we search through many online forums, shopping outlets such as Amazon and Ebay, and were happy to find that there were several products that contain Avena Sativa. Unfortunately, none of them come in the form of a syrup, so you are SOL there.

The one positive note to this is that it really doesn’t matter if you take it in a syrup form or pill form, you should still see the same benefits.


I did mention those products above, but I don’t think they contain significant quantities of Avena Sativa to really give you a good sexual buzz. Having taken this substance on it’s own personally, I think that it works much more effectively when it is combined with other natural products, such as Vigrx Plus or Vimax Pills.  However, if you have tried this substance out and are willing to share your review, we invite you to do so here.

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