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Bravado   Review

Bravado Review


Today’s make enhancement industry is literally cluttered with hundreds of pills, patches, drinks and supplements. While most of the supplements are considered “scam”, fortunately, there are quite a few good supplements that are time-tested and have been recommended for their efficacy and safety. However, we don’t feel that Bravado makes the cut, and you can learn why here.

What is Bravado?

Bravado is a typical male sexual enhancement pill (capsules) for oral use and is frequently used and recommended for the following key indications:

  • To boost penile erections
  • To strengthen orgasms
  • To increase sexual stamina and potency

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials on the product

Unfortunately, unlike most other enhancement products, we could not find sufficient credible or independent reviews on this product. In fact, there are not many “real” reviews at all. An interested consumer, therefore, should do his own research in trying to find out if this product is really worth it.

Composition / ingredients of Bravado

Unfortunately, even the official website does not contain any ingredient listing of the product. However, an online search reveals that Bravado is composed of the following ingredients:

Hawthorne Berry

Zinc Oxide

How does Bravado work (Mode of action)?

The presence of Hawthorne Berry in Bravado pills is suggestive of the fact that these pills probably act by causing “vasodilation” of the body’s blood vessels including those of the penis. As the blood vessels expand, they allow more blood to come in and fill the tissues of the penis walls. As a result, longer and harder erections are achieved. Furthermore, the so called “FORT” technology also ensures that the effects are gradual and progressive and last for long.  It also apparently contains other herbs that improve male libido, but the official website does a horrible job of explaining what exactly those herbs are.

Bravado is for you if: 

  • You want to use an all-natural and herbal enhancement pill 
  • You are looking for a “sustained” release pill whose effects would stay for a longer period of time

Bravado is not for you if: 

  • You want to use this pill for “penis enlargement”
  • You want to use this pill to treat issues such as “premature ejaculation” or low or reduced sperm count

Pros of Bravado 

  • The product does have its own official and well-informative website
  • According to the official claims, it is the only enhancement product that comes with a FORT™ (Flow Oral Release Technology). FORT™ is a patented pharmaceutical delivery system ensures slow, gradual and sustained release of the ingredients into your body so as to produce and “maintain” erections for longer duration of time
  • There have been no reports about the side effects or adverse events after regular use of the product
  • Product comes from a known US-based company
  • Customer service is available via phone / online form

Cons of Bravado 

  • The product can not be ordered online and can only be purchased via phone. It is also not available in stores like cvs, walgreens, etc.
  • The website does not list any product price
  • The website does not contain any official list / labelling of the ingredients
  • The product claims that 100% ingredients are absorbed into your system. Technically, however, this is not possible as any medication or supplement that is taken “orally” (through mouth) has to first go through the “first pass metabolism of liver”. As a result, some amount of the ingredients is always lost.
  • There are no scientific studies or trials to support the official claims
  • No Moneyback guarantee or product discounts have been listed even on the parent company’s website

Our recommendation

Based on the above discussion, it is clear that Bravado does not emerge as a product that we could recommend confidently. The official website does not list complete composition (ingredients), price or Moneyback guarantee information. Furthermore, an independent research on internet does not reveal any credible reviews either. It is, therefore, best to stay away from this product unless you are 100% sure that this is something you really want.

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