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Caliplus Review

Caliplus Review

I had a special request to review Caliplus from a personal friend of mine, and while I didn’t actually buy the product, I have a decent idea of how it works from my research. As you probably already know, I have personally tested dozens of male enhancement products, and while many of them are basically formulated the same way, some of them are truly unique enough to make a difference. Caliplus just so happens to be one of the most popular male enhancement pills in India and Australia, and I had never heard of it until recently.

What is Caliplus?

Based on a proprietary blend of all natural herbs and extracts, Caliplus labels itself as a all natural substitute to prescription erectile dysfunction medications. According to the official manufacturer, this supplement works quickly and is designed to be ingested 30 minutes prior to sex. It is supposed to last as much as 36 hours, and help to boost your sex drive and libido dramatically.

There are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of male enhancement pills that make this very same claim, and we have seen everything from the completely rediculous to the possibly effective. They use stock photography on their sites for their testimonials, but I am unsure to the validity of these reviews. For instance, there are two reviews, with the exact same review, posted under 2 different names on the sidebar of their homepage. Is this just a coincidence, or did they forget that they posted the same review twice?

The official site of Caliplus plays on the possible causes of erectile dysfunction, which of course range from low testosterone to medications and drugs you may be taking. They also mention that Caliplus is a doctor approved formula, and they back it up with 2 medical doctor testimonials, one pyshcologist, and one herbologist.

Is Caliplus Safe?

None of the ingredients in Caliplus lead us to believe that it is an unnatural or unsafe formula. There is always an inherent risk when ordering any all natural product over the internet, simply because you never REALLY know where the ingredients originated from. However, there is nothing to suggest that this product is not safe, and we feel that if you are truly concerned about it that you speak with your doctor.

Ingredients in Caliplus

So what makes this formula apparently so effective? Well, the main ingredient behind Caliplus is L-Arginine, which is an all natural substance I have personally used, and continue to use to this day. L-Arginine is actually a very effective substance, but tends to loose its potency over time. To see how l-arginine and male enhancement works, read our informative article. And below is a diagram that demonstrates how L-Arginine works:

Caliplus Review

Caliplus Review


The other ingredients in Caliplus act as all natural aprhodisiacs and include epimedium, tribulus terrestris, piper longum, piper nigrum, mucuna pruriens, zingiber officinale, and clorophytum arundinaceum.

All of these ingredients work fairly well, and can be found in competing products such as Triverex, Entramax, and Durexo.

How Does Caliplus Compare?

When we compared Caliplus to our top choice, Vigrx Plus, there are some notable differences between the two products. For one, Caliplus is a fast acting male enhancement pill, which is supposed to start working within an hour or so. The instructions on the label were kind of confusing to us, simply because they say you should take one pill per day. If it is indeed a fast acting supplement, then generally speaking you should only take it as needed (unless of course you are planning on having sex everyday!)

Caliplus  Review

Caliplus Review

Vigrx Plus also has numerous doctor testimonials, but what sets Vigrx Plus apart
from Caliplus is the fact that Vigrx Plus actually had a clinical study conducted as to the effectiveness of the pills. This clinical study involved dozens of men, and proved to help treat erectile dysfunction and give you increased size gains over a period of 3 months. Caliplus does not appear to have anything like this, and as a matter of fact practically every product in this category does not have any clinical studies conducted on its use.

As far as price is concerned, Caliplus is pretty much the same on a per bottle basis.


We think there could be some merit to Caliplus’s claims of helping to treat erectile dysfunction. The fact that it contains l-arginine, has doctor endorsements, and a 90 day money-back guarantee, leads us to believe this is a company that is serious about making a quality male enhancement product. We plan on trying Caliplus out in the future, so be sure to check back on our blog to see for any updates.

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