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Cockstar Review

Cockstar Review

Erectile dysfunction is undoubtedly one of the most embarrassing problems men face. We came across cockstar when researching various male enhancement supplements and after reviewing the product in detail, we decided to include it here in our directory. This product is manufactured by a company literally called Cockstar, and has been sold in stores for the past 5 years. As a matter of fact we have seen these bottles in local drug stores and gas stations, as well as via amazon.

The funny thing is though, there doesn’t seem to be a website for this product. I mean, what kind of company has a nationwide product nowadays, but doesn’t have a website? Well, cockstar proves to us that you don’t need a website to build an established brand, but it certainly doesn’t help if your trying to learn more about the

What Exactly is Cockstar?

Cockstar was developed to give men with an unusually low sex drive the ability to satisfy their sexual desires
once again. It does this through a unique blend of ingredients which help to increase your sex drive and libido,as
well as give you powerful, more intense orgasms. It is also used to treat premature ejaculation and make fo faster sexual recovery time.

The homeopathic erectile dysfunction market has been littered with supplements such as these in the past few decades, and there appears to be no sign of it letting up.  We see on average about 3 new products being introduced per week, and there is obviously a major shift in the market away from prescription type medications.

What are the Ingredients in Cockstar?

The ingredients in cockstar include ginkgo biloba, Cnidium monnier, butea superba, lepidium, and tribulus terrestris. All of these ingredients are common in a wide variety of male enhancement supplements, particularly tribulus. Tribulus Terrestris has been found to increase the overall production of testosterone in the body, which in turn enhances sexual behavior.

Reviews of Cockstar

“I have been taking Cockstar for 2 weeks and this stuff does not work. Seriously, I’m getting tired of buying these supplements that never seem to work, and this one was no different. I took it just like the bottle said, and all I got was a headache. I would not recommend to anyone.”
Jeff, Amazon

“I used cockstar and it did nothing at all. It was just crap, $8 for 2 pills did absolutely nothing. Waste of money, waste of time, waste of energy, waste of my cockstar talents. This one gave me a headache when I thought about how much money I spent on it. This one gave me nothing but odjeda. 0 cockswings for this cockstar. We want hardons, not notons”

Our Personal Review of Cockstar

Where To Buy

The average retail price of cockstar is $30, and it comes in a wide variety of packages, with as small as 2 pills per package, to a full bottle which contains 14 capsules. You can find this particular product for sale nationwide in your local gas station and convenience store, and also online. The cheapest price we found was $3.98 for the pills themselves, but then the company charges $6 for shipping, so it really comes out to about 9 per package. Very expensive for a male enhancement product, and compares to prices of testora nx. The supplement is taken 1 hour prior to sexual activity, and the effects are said to last up to 48 hours.

Editor’s Results

As you can see from most of the reviews above from other guys, it appears that most guys think this particular product doesn’t work. I have tried about 50 different male enhancement products, and my results were quite different from what many of the others say. As per the instructions on the label, I took 2 pills and within a few hours I started to feel the tingly sensitive feeling building up. I just so happened to go out drinking that night as well, so i was really curious to see how I would respond to the pills after a few beers.

After dinner and drinks, I got home, and I felt like I was about to boil over I was so horny. I don’t know whichingredient set me off or what, but Cockstar definitely delivered. There are alot of guys that say this particular product compares to that of stiff nights, but I didn’t get the same feeling off of it. As a matter of fact, I think it worked better than many of the others I have tried, like ramagra and erectzan, both of which did absolutely nothing for me.

Pros of Cockstar

  • Relatively Cheap Price
  • Available at local stores
  • contains tribulus
  • I think it works quite well

Cons of Cockstar

  • No website
  • Very Negative Reviews of the product
  • Does not contain L-Arginine


Overall Conclusion

It appears that this company is merely trying a marketing ploy off of the popular “Rockstar” and “pornstar” image, by aligning there product name with male enhancement. In addition, Cockstar is unusually expensive for a product that is found in a gas station, costing as much as $8 for a pack of 2 pills. While most guys reported bad results and side effects, I on the other hand had a pretty good erection off of it. It might have been a fluke batch that i received, but I definitely got better results from it than I normally do with other sexual enhancer’s.

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