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Do Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?

Do Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?  

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Traditionally, man’s sexual potency, performance and pleasure have always been measured by means of his penile size. Because of folklores, myths and some facts, men with small sexual organs feel insecure about their sexual performance and ability to fulfill the desires of their partners.

Thanks to the over advertising and internet scam products, an average user now comes across with literally hundreds of such products including pills, capsules and patches that claim to cause increase or enlargement of the penis. The million dollar question, however, is do they really work? The answer to this question if both yes and no. Read on to discover how.

To better understand the function and mode of action of most male enhancement pills, you must first be able to understand and differentiate between the two key terms i.e. enhancement and enlargement.

What is penis enhancement?

Penis enhancement generally refers to the temporary, short term engorgement of the penis that occurs quickly, sustains for a short period of time and then goes away.  Examples of penis enhancement include engorgement caused by male enhancement pills, patches, capsules and vacuum pumps.

What is penis enlargement?

Penis enlargement generally refers to permanent, long-term enlargement of the penis that occurs gradually, progressively and is often maintained or stained permanently.  Examples of penis enlargement include increase in size of the penis (both girth and length) caused by penis extenders or stretchers or surgery such as phalloplasty.

What do male enhancement pills do? 

A typical natural (herbal) penis enhancement pill accomplishes two essential and main tasks:

  • It provides longer and more voluminous erections, also improving the quality and motivation of sexual arousal.
  • It results in increased production and release of nitric oxide, which helps stimulate blood vessel dilation in the penis. The result is faster, increased blood flow, which enhances erection size and duration. Some penis enlargement pills also contain Protodioscin, which helps ramp up the flow of testosterone in the body, increasing sexual excitement and libido

do male enhancement pills workMale enhancement pills, such as Vigrx Plus, are composed of pure natural or herbal ingredients also function to restore blood flow to the penis and cause increased secretion of testosterone, which increases the erectile sensation and enhances natural male hormone production.

However, it must be remembered that male enhancement pills produce penis “engorgement” (that is often short-term and does not really result in permanent enlargement of the penis. The final effect produced by male enhancement pills is the increase in blood flow through the penis which results in filling up of spongy tissues of the penis with blood, eventually leading to erection. Hence, such pills produce effects that only last as long as their usage is continued and as soon as one discontinues the use of penis pills, the effects disappear.


The main issue and problem with most of the penis enlargement products and devices available in the market today is that they are designed to increase only the length of the penis. New, advanced devices such as penis stretchers, extenders such as X4 Labs, and some recommended penis enlargement exercises, on the other hand, can actually cause permanent yet “natural” increase in both thickness and length of your penis by causing natural multiplication of the cells of your penis which eventually leads to increased tissue size of the walls and body of your penis.

As a final verdict, it can be concluded that male enhancement pills will work best or produce long-term, real penis enlargement only if they are combined with some other enlargement method such as penis enlargement exercises or traction-based penis enlargement devices such penis extenders. In other words, to achieve permanent or long lasting enlargement with significant increase in both girth and length of the penis, male enhancement pills should be best combined with penis enlargement exercises or traction-based penis extenders (preferable method).

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