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Super Vir Oil

Dave Walker Date: May 18, 2014 Male Enhancement

super vir oilSuper Vir Oil  

Dave’s Rating:  3.5 stars

Super Vir Oil is a unique male enhancement product. What makes it really unique and different among all other products of similar nature are the facts that:

  1. i) It is used for topical application (applied locally on the penis)
  2. ii) It is an oil and not a pill or capsule

Read on the following review to discover more about this interesting product.

What is Super Vir Oil? 

The use of enhancement oils has always been regarded as an authentic and credible way of enlarging one’s penis size or boosting erections by traditional naturopaths and doctors of eastern medicine. There have been various historical evidences that point to the use of certain “animal oils” and “gold oils” for the purpose male enhancement, particularly in China and South East Asia (India).

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials on the product 

Super Vir Oil has an official website and a whole dedicated section named “testimonials” that features reviews given by users. However, as a matter of fact, all users’ testimonials are positive and do not list any thing negative which looks quite unnatural and too good to be true.

Composition / ingredients of Super Vir Oil 

Following is the list of the major ingredients found in Super Vir Oil:

  • Oleum Nigella
  • Oleum Sesami sesamoum
  • Oleum Prunus armeniaca
  • Oleum Chomomilla
  • Oleum Aurantium
  • Oleum Lavandulae
  • Oleum Myrtus
  • Oleum Trecolor
  • Oleum Melissa off
  • Oleum Juniperus com
  • Oleum Borago officinalis
  • Oleum hyperium pororatum
  • Oleum Pelesnika.

How does Super Vir Oil work (Mode of action)? 

Unfortunately, even the parent company’s official website does not mention anything about the mode of action of Super Vir Oil. It can be said, however, that various oil ingredients present in the product get absorbed through skin and produce quick increase in the penile blood flow which leads to longer and stronger erections and enable one to perform sexual intercourse with greater performance and at higher frequency.

Super Vir Oil is for you if: 

  • You want to use a penis enlargement oil instead of pills or dietary supplements
  • You would prefer to use “spray” for topical application instead of pills for oral administration

Super Vir Oil is not for you if: 

  • You are allergic to using any oil on your skin
  • You have too much sensitive skin
  • You are looking for quick results
  • You would only buy a product that comes with a Moneyback promise

Pros of Super Vir Oil 

  • The product is economical and is available at the following retail prices: 2-month supply = $ 79, 4-month supply = $149, 6-month supply = $219
  • Product has an official website, although it is poorly developed
  • Comes as a “bottled spray” for convenient application

Cons of Super Vir Oil 

  • It may take up to 6 months in cases to see full results
  • Official website does not mention anything about its  mode of action
  • Product is not medically or clinically proven
  • It is a relatively newer product and has been in the market only for the last 2 years
  • May not work as effectively as the products that are to be taken via oral route
  • No Moneyback guarantee of any kind is listed on the official website

Our recommendation 

On the basis of above recommendations, pros and cons, it can be said that Super Vir Oil is only suitable for those who would prefer to use a herbal spray or topical oil to get quick results. We could not independently verify the official claim of producing 3-inch permanent enlargement of penis by using this oil alone. While the product seems to be economical, it does not come with Moneyback guarantee. We, therefore, would not really recommend this product unless you only want to try out a herbal oil for penis enhancement.

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