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Libidfit Overview

With so many guys needing and/or wanting a little help getting better erections, a few companies out there making male enhancement supplements have gotten a little, let’s just say, overzealous.  Ever since the introduction of Viagra, the herbal supplement market has exploded with natural alternatives.  But with the competition so fierce, some have decided to take shortcuts, and as a result, users have been exposed to potentially dangerous outcomes.  Libidfit was at one time one of those products.

Libidfit is a male enhancement supplement that claims to be an all natural and completely herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction.  There is no official website (though there is evidence that there once was), but we were able to find a pretty adequate amount of information through retailers and other avenues. In terms of results, what you are told to expect from Libidfit is:

  • Bigger, thicker, harder erections.
  • Boosted sexual excitement.
  • Greater energy and endurance.

How Libidfit Works

Libidfit Review

Libidfit Review

Libidfit calls itself a Viagra alternative which means that you only need to take it just before engaging in sexual activity.  One or two capsules, about half an hour prior, on an empty stomach. When you experience sexual arousal or contact, your penis will respond in kind due to the relaxation of blood vessels, allowing for more blood to flow in, making you hard and ready.

Libidfit Ingredients

The formula is said to be all natural with an ingredients list that includes Cornus Officinalis, Lycium Barbarum, Rhizome, Epimedium Grandiflorum, Cinnamon Bark, Panax Ginseng, and Schizandra Fruit.

But according to the information we found, Libidfit also contains an undisclosed ingredient, Sildenafil.  Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra, and in the United States at least, it requires a prescription.  There was no official recall (because Libidfit is not technically sold in North America), but there have been official reports that the Sildenafil is there, and the Canadian Health Department has released an official warning against using the product.

Libidfit and Sildenafil

Some people might think it’s a good thing for Sildenafil to be in Libidfit because it would make it more effective.  While that may be the case, it misses the point, which is that Sildenafil requires a prescription or a reason.  That reason is that it may increase blood pressure, it is not suitable for use by people with diabetes, and it can cause dangerous, even fatal, side effects when taken in conjunction with nitrates.  By requiring a prescription, it ensures that the patient and his doctor have covered all these possibilities and the patient is aware of his particular level of risk.

Because the Sildenafil in Libidfit was never disclosed in the first place, we can’t be sure whether or not it’s still in there.

Where to Buy

It looks like Libidfit is mainly available in the Czech Republic.

Benefits of Libidfit

  • None

Drawbacks of Libidfit

  • It may contain an undisclosed drug.
  • It’s not readily available in North Americal.


If you want a prescription ED drug, you should visit your doctor.  The two of you can discuss whether or not you’re a good candidate or it would be the best fit for you.  If an herbal supplement is what you prefer, skip the Libidfit in favor of something that actually is herbal.

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