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Livalis Review – Does It Really Work?

Dave Walker Date: November 20, 2015 Male Enhancement

Think back to the best sexual performance of your life. Now think about how you were feeling about yourself. I’m willing to bet you felt confident. After all, the best performers, in sex and in life, are the ones who exude confidence. According to the makers of Livalis, this can be you.

Livalis is a daily male enhancement supplement that promises to instill you with the confidence you need to be ready to perform at your best every time. And when you walk through the world with the knowledge that you can satisfy any partner, that kind of confidence spills over into the rest of your life.

You’ll feel like more of a man because you’ll actually be more of a man, capable of bigger, thicker, more desirable erections that anyone would feel lucky to have a part of. To that end, Livalis can:

  • Increase blood flow for longer, thicker erections.
  • Boost libido and sexual sensitivity.
  • Bolster sexual stamina so you can go as long as she can.
  • Boost testosterone levels to increase virility, strength, and general manliness.

Livalis ReviewHow Livalis Works

Livalis is a daily supplement. The ingredients build up in your system, providing better and better results over time. The creators of Livalis claim to have cracked the male enhancement code by focusing on all the different factors that go into great sexual performance.

  1. First, you need your nerves, your body’s communication system, functioning to full capacity. You can feel aroused, but if the message never gets to your penis, there’s not much you can do about it.
  2. Second, you need healthy blood vessels to get the extra flow of blood into your penis to make your strongest erections. An erection occurs when a rush of blood enters your penis. Your blood vessels need to be prepared to allow that rush to flow through.
  3. Third, you need the smooth muscles of your penile chambers (aka Corpus Cavernosa) to be prepared to hold the extra blood within the penis so you can sustain the erection you started with.
  4. Lastly, all of this is dependent on a healthy amount of nitric oxide being produced by your body. The NO relaxes the blood vessels by triggering cGMP. This is what allows all of it to happen. The NO triggers the cGMP which opens the blood vessels and relaxes the smooth muscle corpus cavernosa walls, and you end up with stronger erections.

CGMP is also responsible for maintaining erections. It enables the blood to be trapped within the corpus cavernosa until broken down by the enzyme PDE5. In fact, that’s how Viagra works. It inhibits the action of PDE5, so blood stays in the chambesr, and you end up staying erect long after you otherwise would.

Livalis Ingredients

So that’s the idea behind how Livalis works, but what are the ingredients that make it happen? The list includes:

  • Tongkat Ali which may increase free testosterone levels by inhibiting the action of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which binds itself to testosterone making it virtually useless.
  • Maca which is known to be a powerful herbal aphrodisiac.
  • L-Arginine which is a precursor to nitric oxide, increasing production and putting the whole process in action.
  • Ginseng which provides energy and a libido boost.
  • Astragalus Root which fights fatigue.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which may increase natural testosterone levels.
  • Oyster Extract which contains lots of zinc, which is known to have a correlation with boosted testosterone levels.
  • Muira Puama which is an ancient herbal aphrodisiac.
  • Oat Straw which may also increase free testosterone.
  • Nettle which may increase total testosterone.
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract which may help balance hormones.
  • Catuaba which is yet another powerful ancient herbal aphrodisiac.

It’s a pretty good list, but it’s interesting to note that there’s only one ingredient to address increasing nitric oxide levels. This seems odd considering the strong focus Livalis puts on NO as key to its success. Also worth noting is that there’s nothing in the formula to address the strengthening of nerve communication or blood vessels.

Where to Buy Livalis

Livalis is only available online. You can get it from either Amazon or the official Livalis website. At Amazon, a one month supply costs $34.95. On the website, you’ve got a few different options. You can buy a one month supply for $49.95. You can buy a 3 month supply for $119.95. And you can buy a 6 month supply for $179.95. The per bottle cost for the 6 month supply is just under $30.

There’s an additional option as well, the terms of which can seem a bit confusing. You order a “FREE 30 Day Supply” that they assure you is not a sample, but a full size bottle. You pay only shipping ($9.95) and they send you a free 30 day supply.

At first glance, I assumed this was the same “free trial” scam that’s so common with online supplements. But finding the Terms and Conditions page to verify this was very difficult. The terms are actually not explained in any document or page that you’re forced to look at before entering your credit card information. Instead, it’s hidden in a link called, “Easy Ship.” There, you’re informed that ordering the Free sample means they’ll sign you up for “easy shipments” at a cost of $39.95 per month.

It could be a good program if you want to continue taking Livalis. The problem is the terms of the agreement are not spelled out for you before you enter into the contract. I’m quite sure they catch a tone of customer off guard with this scheme.

Livalis Reviews

Because Livalis is sold on Amazon, we found lots of customer feedback online. In fact, there are currently 385 customer reviews, with about three quarters of those getting 5 stars. I have to admit I’m a little suspicious of the reviews. As you know, Amazon reviews can be faked. The vast majority of them are real. Amazon makes a point of asking legitimate customers to submit reviews after they make purchases. It’s part of their marketing plan. But there are plenty of people out there willing to post fake reviews on Amazon for money.

I don’t know for certain that these are fake, but the word “dick” is in almost every 5 star review. It just seems suspicious if you ask me.

Livalis High Points

  • The formula is all natural.
  • It’s not very expensive.

Livalis Low Points

  • The formula looks fine, but a bit weak, especially in the blood flow area.
  • The Free Sample program signs you up for monthly payments, but doesn’t inform you of that until after you place your order.
  • There are what appear to be fake Livalis reviews on


Something just doesn’t seem right about Livalis. Between the phony reviews and the not-so-free Free Trial program, I just don’t trust this product. Go with something that has a proven track record for success and customer service. You won’t be sorry you did.

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