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Viagen XL Review – Does It Really Work?

Dave Walker Date: November 18, 2015 Male Enhancement

Viagen XL is a male enhancement supplement available online. That makes it one of hundreds in a very crowded field. It’s our job to find out what, if anything, makes this particular choice stand out from the pack. So let’s get started.

What Are the Benefits

Confidence, or lack thereof, is a huge part of your sexual performance. It may even be the most important factor of all. If you’re anxious about whether or not you’re going to be able to get it up, keep it up, hold off long enough, and satisfy her in the end, you’re not going to end up very successful at any of those.

You’ll be so preoccupied with what might go wrong, you’ll miss everything that is or could have been right.

That’s why most of the marketing material for Viagen XL focuses on restoring your confidence and making you realize that you got this. And because you do, she will too. By using Viagen XL, you’ll have the tools you need to wash your anxiety away, stand tall and proud, and take your sex life (and hers) to the next level.

Viagen XL ReviewHow Viagen XLWorks

The concept behind how Viagen XL works is similar to how others work, and that makes sense. The broader concepts are usually the same. It’s the formula – the way of getting there – that differs. So Viagen XL promises to improve your sex life by accomplishing a few very specific things:

It starts by increasing your libido. When you’re more easily sexually aroused, the rest falls more easily into place. When the rest of your systems are functioning as they should, increased libido leads to harder, longer lasting erection.

Viagen XL next makes sure to improve the way blood flows into your penis. When you’re aroused, your blood vessels relax and expand, making way for a rush of blood to fill the two penile chambers (the Corpus Cavernosa). That rush of blood is basically what an erection is. So the more blood that flows in, the bigger, thicker, and harder your erection is. Part of Viagen XL’s job is to increase the amount of blood that can flow into those chambers, so your erections reach their full potential.

Lastly, a good male enhancement supplement will increase your energy and stamina. A strong desire and a great erection are key, but if you can’t go the distance, everybody loses. Viagen XL increases contains elements in the formula to increase your energy and stamina so you’re ready in every way.

One additional benefit of Viagen XL is a bit of a bonus for a male enhancement supplement. It provides components that increase your body’s natural free testosterone levels, which actually plays into and supports all three of the other mechanisms.

Viagen XL Ingredients

The Viagen XL formula approaches libido increases with aphrodisiacs like Maca Root, Catuaba Bark, and Mucuna Pruriens. All three are herbal aphrodisiacs that have been boosting libidos for centuries.

Blood flow is enhanced by a form of L-Arginine. L-Arginine is a precursor to nitrix oxide. NO is a chemical found in the body that relaxes blood vessel walls, allowing a smooth flow of blood. Increased NO production due to increased L-Arginine allows for a greater volume of blood to enter the corpus cavernosa for better erections.

Energy comes in the form of Vitamin B6 and Niacin. They both provide clean, long lasting energy with zero crash.

The Viagen XL formula goes on to boost energy and virility by stimulating an increased production of free testosterone in your body. It accomplishes that with D-Aspartic Acid which has been proven to boost total testosterone levels, Tribulus Terrestris which is believed to contribute to total T production as well, and Eurycoma Longifolia and Avena Sativa, both of which are thought to increase free testosterone levels specifically.

How To Use Viagen XL

The recommended daily dose is 3 Viagen XL capsules. It’s suggested that you take them with your evening meal or about 30 minutes before sexual activity. It’s not a fast acting pill. The effects are meant to build over time. But you will experience an immediate help if you take that dose 30 minutes prior to go time.

Viagen XL Side Effects

No supplement can claim to be completely side effect-free, but anything you do experience from Viagen XL should be mild. There is one exception, however. Viagen XL contains shellfish. If you’re allergic to shellfish, you should avoid taking Viagen XL.

Where to Buy Viagen XL

Viagen XL is only available through the official website, but they do offer a few different options. A single bottle represents a 28 day supply and costs $39.95. If you buy 2 bottles at once, you’ll get a better per bottle price as well as a couple bonuses. The 2 bottle package costs $69.95 and comes with free shipping and a free bottle of Viagen XL Serum for relieving performance anxiety. The 3 bottle package costs $99.95 and includes free shipping and 3 free bottles of Serum.

All orders are covered under the Viagen XL 90 day money back guarantee. If you call within 90 days, you can return one used and all unopened bottles for a full refund, less shipping and handling.

Viagen XL Reviews

Since Viagen XL is only available through the official website, there is no source for independent reviews from customers. There are testimonials displayed on the website, but those tend to be a little less reliable than what you find on other retailer sites. That’s because it’s very easy for the company put their best foot forward by only publishing the favorable responses. Suffice it to say, the only testimonials on the Viagen XL website are glowing.


The Viagen XL formula is reasonable and the price is on the low side of average. Those factors and the money back guarantee work in Viagen XL’s favor. On the other hand, there’s really no reliable feedback from customers that have actually used it and want to share their unbiased opinion. If you’re looking for something cheap, Viagen XL is worth a try. Just make sure to keep your original packaging and the company phone number handy, in case you need to use the money back guarantee.

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