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Lyriana Vs. Provestra Pills

Lyriana vs. Provestra Pills

In today’s highly competitive sex enhancement industry, the significance of comparative reviews of various herbal supplements is increasing day by day. Considering the same, we have carefully compared two of the frequently sold and used female enhancement supplements known as Lyriana and Provestra pills. Read on to explore more about the same.


lyriana vs provestra

Lyriana: Lyriana is a herbal composed of all-natural ingredients and is frequently used to enhance / boost female libido, balance hormones levels in the blood and boost and enhance orgasms and sexual performance both in quantity (frequency ) and quality (duration and intensity).

Provestra Pills: Provestra Pills are herbal / organic in nature and are manufactured and marketed by a US-based “Leading Edge Health” herbal company.  

Indications (Uses) 

Lyriana: Lyriana is primarily used and indicated as a libido booster, orgasm-enhancer and hormone balancer in adult females / women of all ages.

Provestra Pills: Provestra Pills are mostly used to enhance sexual orgasms (both in strength and frequency) in women and to also enhance increase sexual desire / libido.

Mode of action (Mechanism of action) 

Lyriana: Lyriana is composed of an active substance called as L-Dopa which acts as a precursor to another very important hormone known as Dopamine. Dopamine mainly controls many of female sexual functions particularly libido, sexual pleasure and performance and sexual drive. Thus, increased quantity of L-Dopa via Lyriana in turn leads to higher production and levels of Dopamine hormone. The net result is better sexual reproductive health and performance among women. Finally, Lyriana also enhances blood flow to one’s vagina and clitoris and also acts as a strong aphrodisiac.

provestraProvestra Pills: Provestra Pills have been found to act as an aphrodisiac, libido booster, potent sexual tonic and pleasure enhancer in women of all ages.

Ingredients and composition 

Lyriana: Lyriana contains the following all-natural and purely herbal ingredients:

–      L-Arginine

–      Epimedium

–      Maca

–      Yohimbine Extract 8%

–      Damiana

Provestra Pills: Provestra Pills are composed of the following natural ingredients:

–      L-Arginine

–      Theobromine

–      Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C)

–      Ginseng

–      Ginkgo biloba

–      Damiana Leaf

–      Black Cohosh Root

–      Red Raspberry

–      Licorice Root

–      Ginger Root

–      Valerian Root

–      Kudzu, Vitamin A

–      Vitamin C

–      Vitamin E

–      B-Complex Vitamins

–      Folic Acid

–      Biotin

–      Calcium Carbonate

–      Iron and Zinc

Safety profile (risk of side effects)  

Lyriana: While Lyriana is not backed with any safety studies or clinical trials, we did not find any significant reviews that contain any reports of side effects or health risks even for regular or long term users.

Provestra Pills: With no side effects or contraindications / undesirable events reported by any user so far, Provestra Pills are considered safe and sound for regular and long term usage.

Price, affordability and economy 

Lyriana: When bought in bulk, Lyriana is very cheap and economical as compared to other female enhancement supplements (6 bottles / 6-month supply only costs $149.95). However, price for single bottle costs about $59.95 (for one month supply).

Provestra Pills: Provestra Pills are currently available in the following packages and at the following retail prices:

–      Diamond package / 6-month supply $224.95 (Comes with free shipping within US)

–      Platinum package / 5-month supply $189.95

–      Gold package / 4-month supply $154.95

–      Silver package: 3-month supply $119.95

–      2-month supply: $84.95

–      1-month supply: $49.95

Hence, on the basis of price comparison for one-month supply, Provestra pills seem to be on the lower side.

Bonus / special discounts and offers 

Lyriana: Currently, Lyriana does not offer any special packages, bonus or gifts (including coupon codes) for its uses. The only savings / discounts we found on its official website were of the savings offered on purchase of bulk supply.

Provestra Pills: Provestra pills come with an offer of free one-year supply to their consumers if they share their own success stories in the form of hand-written testimonials. Also, several other free gifts and discounts are offered on each package listed above. The product is also inclusive of free shipping within USA if purchased as a diamond package.

Moneyback guarantee / refund policy 

Lyriana: It comes with a 90-day 100% refund / Moneyback guarantee, thus, eliminating any financial risk for the first time users.

Provestra Pills: Provestra Pills are associated with a 2-month 100% refund / Moneyback guarantee.

Final verdict – Clear winner 

Based on the above expert review and comparative analysis, both supplements seem to be of almost similar nature and action. Speaking of one-month supply and product bonuses, however, Provestra appears to be more economical and attractive for the first time buyers. Similarly, Provestra pills contain more natural and herbal ingredients (although it may not be necessarily a good thing).

Lyriana, on the other hand, offers a longer Moneyback guarantee. In short, keeping in view all these features, pros and cons, we can say that none of these products emerges as a clear winner in this tight competition. The choice and decision, therefore, is eventually going to be yours, based on your budget, suitability and personal preferences and priorities.

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