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X4 Labs Vs. The Size Genetics Extender

X4 Labs vs. SizeGenetics  

SizeGenetics and X4 Lab extenders are considered the top most frequently used and recommended penis extenders in the male enhancement market today.

Considered as the market leader since last 16 years, SizeGenetics (SG) stretching extender is physician-endorsed, clinically proven enlargement system that is backed with multiple scientific trials and published studies.

x4 labs extender

Similarly, being in the market for almost decade and marketed and distributed by a renowned Canadian company, X4 Labs extender is CE (medically) certified and doctor-endorsed. According to the official claims, it can add up to 33% to your overall penis size (both in length and thickness).

Style / Construction or Type 

X4 Labs: X4 Labs extender utilizes strap-technology that makes the overall wearing experience much simple and comfortable. Also, this extender system is currently the only stretching device that contains Custom Loop Fastener to ensure better grip and sustained traction. On top of that, it also comes with its exclusive 4-in-1 Quad Support Piece.

In addition, X4 Labs has a relatively big girth base which helps wearing it easy and comfortable.

SizeGenetics: SizeGenetics system belongs to a relatively newer variety of extenders known as comfort straps systems. Unlike the conventional noose extenders, in strap-based extenders, the design of the slider is shaped to fit the natural curvature of an adult man’s penis for a better fit and natural comfort. Also, it has been estimated that strap extenders (as those of SizeGenetics) offer greater force of traction the body of penis ensure up to 60% more blood flow during the process of erection.

Safety and comfort 

X4 Labs: This extender comes with a double / dual Velcro fastener, a comfortable harness and a dual comfort strap which helps avoid the issue of slippage during the use.

SizeGenetics: While SizeGenetics extender does not have the harness or dual-strap support, it does officially claim it would not get slipped while it is being worn because of the freedom and flexibility it offers to its user with respect to various angles (multi-directional angling) that can be used for wearing. In addition, its unique 16-Way Ultimate Comfort System provides sixteen different settings for users to customize the device for maximum comfort and satisfaction.

size genetics extender

Time required to cause permanent enlargement 

X4 Labs: Based on our comprehensive research on users’ reviews and testimonials, it may take up to seven months to gain significant enlargement results with X4 Labs devices.

Size Genetics: According to our in-depth research, it may take up to five to six months to gain significant enlargement results with SizeGenetics devices. Therefore, time required to gain permanent enlargement is lesser and shorter with SizeGenetics.

Mode of action (Mechanism of action) 

X4 Labs: X4 Labs is a traction-based penis stretching device that is meant to cause permanent extension of the penis. To achieve this objective, one needs to wear this for hours on regular basis so as to create a natural “traction’ pressure or force on the penis. This traction acts as a “stimulus” to initiate natural cell division or multiplication (biologically known as mitosis) in the penile tissues. The net result is slow, gradual and yet progressive increase in the girth (thickness) as well as the length of the penis.

SizeGenetics: SizeGenetics extender works by exerting a consistent and continuous force of traction along side and on to your penile tissue walls. This sustained pressure that comes regularly and with periodic intervals results in cell growth and multiplication of the penile cells, eventually resulting in permanent enlargement of penis.

Price, affordability and economy 

According to the official retail prices, SizeGenetics extender seems to be expensive than X4 extender.

X4 Labs: At present, X4 Labs extender comes in the following packages:

Starter: $99.95

Deluxe: $199.95

Gold Deluxe: $274.95

Gold Premium: $374.95

Peyronie’s Edition: $239.95 (For the treatment of Peyronie’s disease)

SizeGenetics: The official retail pricing for the different packages of SG extenders is as follows:

Starter Pack – $199.95: SizeGenetics extender

Device Only – $349.00- SizeGenetics extender with 16-Way Comfort System plus leather case

Ultimate Pack – $398.95: SizeGenetics extender with 16-Way Comfort System, PenisHealth online access & DVD, leather case, travel case, Revita cream, traction powder, bonus DVD’s, lock & key

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Safety profile (risk of side effects)  

X4 Labs: To date, no serious side effects have been reported even after the continued use of X4 Labs. There have been no reports of localized hemorrhages, rashes or post-use pain or discomfort.

SizeGenetics: Similarly, no latex allergy, hypersensitivity reactions, bleeding or rashes have been seen or reported after the use of Size Genetics extender.  At times, new users may experience some mild to moderate discomfort or pain but as they say “practice makes a man more perfect”, these effects generally disappear on their own with in days or weeks.

Bonus / special discounts and offers 

X4 Labs: At present, there is a scheme “Follow Us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook” that offers an additional $75 discount with a promo code. In addition, every purchase comes with 3 bonus DVDs (completely free) that are meant to enhance your love life.

SizeGenetics: All of the packages of SG extender come with free shipping. Also, currently, the Ultimate pack worth $398.95 has $50 discount.

Moneyback guarantee / refund policy 

X4 Labs: While there are many guarantee options, ranging from life time to 5-year guarantee, the average / typical guarantee offered with X4 Labs extender is that of 6 months.

SizeGenetics: A standard 6-month Moneyback guarantee is offered with each package

Final verdict – Clear winner 

All in all, each of the above-mentioned extenders have more similarities in common than the differences. Both act via same principle of action i.e. traction. Both are regarded as quality and credible penis stretchers. Both extender devices are medically endorsed, clinically certified and have been recommended by doctors and physicians. However, while SG extender is on expensive side, it comes with more product discounts and greater benefits and has shown to cause increase in penile length much faster. Otherwise, there is no clear winner in this close competition and you can choose any extender among these two as per your budget and suitability.

See our Side By Side Comparison of Sizegenetics and X4 Labs, along with the Pro Extender System from Leading Edge Marketing.

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