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X4 Labs Vs. Vimax Extender

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X4 Labs vs. Vimax extender  

When it comes to the natural and safer enlargement methods, penis extenders have truly arrived as the best and most frequently used choice. The following article is intended to compare two of such extender devices i.e. X4 Labs and Vimax extender. X4 Labs extender is an already established brand with thousands of successful users while the Vimax extender is a  new entry in the market.

Style / Construction or Type 

x4 labs

X4 Labs: X4 Labs implies strap-technology with a well-distinguished Custom Loop Fastener for firmer grip and maintained traction. Also, its exclusive 4-in-1 Quad Support Piece is another plus.

Vimax extender: Vimax extender system is also a strap based stretching device for penis enlargement. However, it lacks any extra support piece or fastener for added comfort.

Safety and comfort 

X4 Labs: This extender is considered extremely comfortable and painless due to its specialized double / dual Velcro fastener, a comfortable harness and a dual comfort strap which ensures no-slip function throughout the use.

Vimax extender: While Vimax extender is generally considered safe and comfortable, there are not sufficient online reviews or testimonials that document the same.

Time required for permanent enlargement 

X4 Labs: According to the reviews and testimonials, the maximum enlargement can be seen in a time period of 7 months.

Vimax extender: The official website lacks any information on how long will take to get maximum penis enlargement. While it does mention that 3 to 4 inch enlargement is possible but no definite time period has been given.

vimax extender

Mode of action (Mechanism of action) 

X4 Labs: X4 Labs causes a unique yet sustained traction pressure or force over the penile tissues which results in the cell division and multiplication of cellular elements of corpora cavernosa of the penis. This eventually leads to increased girth and length of the penis.

Vimax extender: Vimax extender extender works pretty much in a similar way i.e. it is a traction-based stretching device that causes penile tissues to grow and develop due to cell division which results in increase in thickness (girth) and length of the organ.

Price, affordability and economy 

According to the official retail prices, the minimum price for both extenders is equal.

X4 Labs: The X4 Labs extender pricing can be summarized as follows:

Starter pack: $99.95

Deluxe Pack: $199.95

Gold Deluxe pack: $274.95

Gold Premium pack: $374.95

Peyronie’s Edition: $239.95 (For the treatment of Peyronie’s disease)

Vimax extender: The Vimax extender comes in only one package / pack and that costs $99.00.

Safety profile (risk of side effects)  

X4 Labs: There have been no reports of any kind of side effects, undesirable events of health risks / complications associated with the regular use of X4 Labs extender.

Vimax extender: There is not much safety or risk analysis data available about Vimax extender.

Bonus / special discounts and offers 

X4 Labs: There is a scheme going on at the social media (Facebook / Twitter) at present that gives you an additional $75 discount with a specific promo code. Also, certain package purchases come with 3 bonus DVDs (completely free) for sex positions and hints and tips on better and enhanced sex.

Vimax extender: As there is only one package, there are not much discount offerings. Currently, the website states that the retail price of $99 is only for a limited time period.

Moneyback guarantee / refund policy 

X4 Labs: X4 Labs extender comes with a 6 month full Moneyback guarantee.

Vimax extender: A typical 6-month Moneyback guarantee is offered with Vimax extender.

Final verdict – Clear winner 

It must be noted that while the official site of Vimax extender does claim that it is backed with clinical studies, the reference or actual source of any of such studies is not mentioned.  Also, unlike X4 Labs extender, Vimax extender is not an established brand and is relatively newer with only few user testimonials or independent reviews on the record. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the better, safer and more credible option, X4 extender categorically emerges as the clear winner.

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