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MagnumPlus ReviewMagnumPlus is just one of the latest male enhancement pills to hit the market promising to do everything except cook breakfast. This product appears to be sold by a company called Mega Health located in Burbank California, which happens to manufacture a number of other supplements in this category.

So what makes MagnumPlus any different from the hundreds of other products that make the same claims? Well, we will attempt to answer thata question with what little information we do have about it. We will also touch on whether or not using MagnumPlus with NitroPumpXL will do anything for you at all.

What is MagnumPlus?

Developed with a foundation of 100% all natural ingredients, MagnumPlus promises to help increase your sex drive, as well as increase the size of your penis through expansion.

After close examination of their official site, it appears that it is a once a day pill that is used for a wide variety of other benefits, including a serious increase in size and stamina. They don’t make it clear as to whether or not the results gained from their product are permanent, but it is speculated on a number of advertisements that it is.

The fact that there is practically no outside information about MagnumPlus apart from their website does not help the fact that we really have no indication that it really does work.

Ingredients in MagnumPlus

The very least the company can do is list some of the ingredients in their product, but there is simply nothing listed.  Our best guess as to the ingredients in MagnumPlus are that it contains all natural ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Hawthorne Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Korean Ginseng, Damiana Herb, and Yohimbe. They do mention that the ingredients are supposed to increase the chambers of the penis (corpora cavernosa), which will allow increased blood to flow during an erection, leading us to believe it probably contains L-Arginine.

What we did notice on their site was that they include a free membership to their “peis enlargement program”, which we imagine to be some sort of online guide explaining how to use enlargement exercises to help gain length and girth.

Where Can You Buy MagnumPlus?

We looked through all of the major online and offline retailers to see if MagnumPlus was sold anywhere else, but it appears the only place you can buy it is through their official website. Their is speculation that the product may be sold on Amazon at some point, but we are unsure whether or not this is the case.

Using MagnumPlus With NitroPumpXL

I have had several guys ask me If I had ever heard about combining MagnumPlus with NitroPumpXL, which is how I originally came across the product. I have to admit, I have seen many companies that have made a sales pitch about using their product combined with another product, and they will even go so far as to say that you will experience massive size gains in your penis in a month.

Does MagnumPlus workNote:  Free Trial Alert.  These two companies conveniently offer a free trial of their product so that you can find out for yourself the results you may be able to achieve. The issue with the free trial is it is not so free! Once you “order” the product, you will get billed for the bottle after 18 days in the amount of $89.95, and then they will resend you another bottle and bill your card again 30 days later.

This “marketing” tactic has been used for years now, and we have seen the same combination with a wide variety of products such as NitroBlastX and MojoMagnum, and countless others.

Reviews of MagnumPlus

There are actually a few reviews posted on the official MagnumPlus website, but there is no way to determine whether or not these are paid endorsers, or legit testimonials.  All 3 reviews were of course very positive, and once was even written by a girl who apparently bought it for her boyfriend.  Talk about a great girlfriend!

I searched far and wide on countless forums, blogs, and other sites, and could not find one other person that has used this supplement. As with all of our other reviews, please email us if you would like to share your experience with MagnumPlus here.


There is WAY TOO LITTLE information about MagnumPlus to make an educated decision as to whether or not it truly works. The manufacturer makes too many claims about all of the benefits of the product, all without backing it up with an ingredient list, doctor testimonials, or even a decent contact page. We also don’t know how effective their so called “enlargement program” is, and whether or not the exercises they even suggest could actually work. We recommend that you stick to our top 3 choices in order to avoid being scammed by a rebilling nightmare.

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