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Muscle X Edge and Enlarge Maxx

Muscle X Edge and Enlarge Maxx

There are plenty of fake blogs out there that talk about combining a muscle making supplement and a male enhancement supplement to help grow your member. Yet another so-called “miracle” combo we came across is muscle x edge and enlarge maxx growth. Supposedly, taking these 2 supplements in combination is a great way to boost your sex drive and get a bigger penis. Is there any truth to these claims? Well we set out on a mission to help you find out. By studying the ingredients, researching customer reviews and results, and analyzing exactly what the manufacturers behind these pills claim, we came up with this overall presentation.

muscle x edge and enlarge maxxMuscle X Edge is a pre-workout supplement designed to help you increase your energy levels, gain muscle size and strength, and shred away excess body fat. This product is manufactured in Connecticut, and is not distributed by any major retail stores.

Along with a “trial” order of this supplement, you also qualify for a weekly workout guide, which is supposed to help give you the necessary workouts to increase your size. According to the manufacturer, you will start seeing results in as little as a few weeks by taking at least 2 pills a day on a full stomach.

We tried to learn as much about the ingredients in muscle x edge as best we could, but their was very limited information provided. It contains, in addition to others, A-AKG which is supposed to increase blood flow throughout your system, and help to increase the rate at which vitamins and minerals are absorbed. However, we did some research and found that there are no scientific studies that back these claims, despite multiple different products containing this amino acid.

Enlarge Maxx

enlarge maxx review

On the company website, there are bold claims made about Enlarge Maxx. These are the same claims made by the makers of virtually every similar product. If this supplement is as good as advertised, your penis will grow by up to 2 inches in length and 20% in width. You will also begin to see noticeable improvement within two weeks. If there is enough proof that a penis can grown by up to 2 inches within a couple weeks, men would pay good money for it. We always caution usage of a product until there is enough evidence to prove how effective it is.

Key Ingredients in Enlarge Maxx 

Enlarge Maxx is comprised of the following ingredients:  Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium), L-Arginine, Maca, Saw Palmetto.  Definitely some potent ingredients in this product.  Horny Goat Weed is clinically proven to increase testosterone levels, which makes it the most important ingredient.

L-Arginine is an aphrodisiac that assists with giving a man greater arousal.  According to the company website, in the first week you will notice more powerful erections and increased girth.  In the second week your sexual stamina will improve.  In the third week you will achieve the biggest and strongest erections imaginable.

Enlarge Maxx Pros 

  • Claims made by company on website do not seem ridiculous like many male enhancement products
  • Potent ingredients such as L-Arginine and Horny Goat Weed.  Both are prevalent in top male enhancement supplements
  • Could improve sexual endurance
  • Can get a free-trial bottle

Enlarge Maxx Cons

  • Lacks enough customer reviews and testimonials to give us a feel for how satisfied users are
  • Unknown cost beyond the free-trial bottle.

So Does Using Muscle X Edge and Enlarge Maxx really help to help you gain 2 inches in a month?  Absolutely not!  There are no products on the market that would help you gain such a ridiculous amount of size so quickly, its just not practical.  What’s even more interesting is the fact that both of these companies offer free trials of their product, which are likely scam products designed to suck money out of your wallet.

Don’t fall for these ridiculously promoted products, just because some guys flog said he met some porn start who used them.  It’s most likely a lie to try and bilk you out of your hard earned money.

If you want to see a product that has proven results, visit our vigrx plus review, and learn how you can effectively increase your size by signing up for our free exercise guide on this page.

Note: If your looking for a muscle building supplement, we highly recommend you tryMuscle Advance Creatine.  This formula has been used by thousands of individuals who have been seeking a leaner, more healthy physique.

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