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Pro7ein Synthesis

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Pro7ein Synthesis

Dave’s Rating:

To a lot of people,
protein is protein.  Just find something you can stomach in terms of
both taste and cost, and that’s all you really need to concern yourself with.  But that’s not true for everyone, and for good reason.  Some proteins just don’t digest very well, or they take too long, the powder
just doesn’t have enough actual protein in it, or it’s got too much other stuff, like sugar and

Pro7ein Synthesis is made
by VitaSport and its exclusively sold at local Nutrishops.  Some
guys don’t want to use a blend.  The website gives you 7 reasons why
you should use this particular blend: 

A container
contains 57 servings. 

A serving has 34
grams of protein. 

It’s enhanced
with Aminogen (more on this later). 

It increases lean
muscle mass. 

It decreases body

Pro7ein Synthesis
employs a sustained release formula. 

Pro7ein Synthesis Ingredients 

Pro7ein Synthesis
chooses to use the 7 different forms of protein they think are the most effective when it comes to building and
repairing muscle.  It’s got Cross-Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein
Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Hydrolyzed Casein,
Potassium Caseinate, Micellar Casein, and Egg Albumin.  According to Pro7ein Synthesis, this is the perfect combination of protein
without added useless filler proteins. 

Pro7ein Synthesis
also has BCAAs and all the Essential Amino Acids for muscle recovery and to prevent

Then there’s
Colostrum for its insulin-like growth factor.   

The last
important ingredient to mention is Aminogen which is a digestive enzyme that has been clinically proven to
increase your BCAA level by over 250% and boost your nitrogen retention levels to stimulate protein synthesis and
muscle growth. 

How Pro7ein Synthesis

The blend of Whey with
Casein may be the key to the effectiveness of Pro7ein Synthesis. 
The Whey acts quickly, while the Casein takes longer.  That way, you
get both immediate and sustained effects.   

A serving size is 1 scoop,
and the 5 lb tub has 57 servings.  Most Pro7ein Synthesis reviews
we’ve seen seem to show that the flavor and mixability is good, though the Casein is a little bit tough to
completely dissolve.  It comes in Vanilla or Chocolate and the
flavor isn’t something guys are raving about, but we haven’t seen anyone complaining really

Benefits of Pro7ein

The fast acting
and sustained synthesis is a big benefit of this blend. 

It tastes good
and mixes well. 

It’s got Aminogen
which helps it work even better. 

Most Pro7ein
Synthesis reviews we saw were pretty positive. 

The price is
pretty in line with other protein blends. 

Drawbacks of Pro7ein

You can only get
it at Nutrishops. 

It’s much more
expensive than straight bulk whey protein. 

Where to Buy 

You can only purchase
Pro7ein Synthesis at your local Nutrishop, if you have one.  The 5
pound tub usually goes for about $60 which works out to about $1 per serving. 

The Bottom

Pro7ein Synthesis is a
good solid protein product.  The biggest problem we see with it is
availability.  Nutrishops are all over California, but lots of
states don’t have any.  If you have access to Pro7ein Synthesis, we
think you should give it a shot. 

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