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We come across a wide variety of male enhancement pills, pumps, creams, and ointments everyday. I can actually be kind of hard to find information on these products, usually because so many of them pop-up and disappear faster than anyone can write about them.

One such pill we came across is a product called Provigro, which is a men’s vitality product designed for male sexual stamina. Does this supplement really work the way they say it does? We decided to conduct our own independent review into the claims made by this company, and learn more about the ingredients, potential side effects, and discover what others had to say about Provigro.

So What Exactly is Provigro?

Provigro is an all natural men’s vitality pill designed by a company called Micro Nutra Health. It is designed to help give you harder erections, increase sexual desire and stamina, and help you get your libido back. It is commonly cold with a product called 5th gear, which is a dissolving strip which contains male enhancement ingredients.

Provigro retails on many herbal supplement sites at around $35, and is not available in offline retail stores as of this writing. It is also available on Amazon for a lower price of around $31.

What Are The Ingredients in Provigro?

The ingredients in Provigro include, horny goat weed, l-arginine, saw palmetto, panax ginseng, muira puama, and others. Horny goat weed, which is otherwise known as Epimedium, is a very important herbal extract that is found in some of the highest quality products on the market.

L-Arginine is another extract that is extremely important in the production of nitric oxide, which is a natural compound which helps to relax the muscles around arteries leading to the penis. It has been used to help treat erectile dysfunction for hundreds of years, and needs to be taken on a consistent basis to get the full effects. See How L-Arginine Works Below:

Actual Customer Reviews of Provigro

“What I notice most is the intensity of orgasm, something I haven’t experienced for a while. I’ve tried other products, but didn’t like the headaches, the hangover, etc., so gave them up. This stuff is fine, gentle, and effective. Thanks.” Customer Review from Provigro

Video Review

Overall Conclusion

We believe that, when used as a daily supplement, provigro shows promise to help treat men with erectile dysfunction. It contains all of the necessary ingredients that are used in some of the most effective male enhancement products on the market as well. There are a limited number of reviews on third party websites, so what you see is what you get.

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