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Our Recent Poll Update (12/19/2011)

We here at like to learn more about why our visitors come to our site, and want to know exactly what they are looking for. Since we are in the business of male enhancement, we wanted to learn more about what really pissed guys off about their sexual performance and libido issues, so we posed a question to our membership base.

We asked our readers “What is Your Biggest Problem?” when it comes to ED and sexual dysfunction. The average reader on our site is a male, ages 21 – 45, that suffers from mild to severe erectile dysfunction, and is looking for an alternative method to help with their problems. Over a 2 week period of time, we had almost 200 men participate, and the poll answers and results were as follows:

Answer #1 – Not Being Able To GET It Up (8.3%, 16 Votes)

This answer obviously has to do with the ability to get it up from the start. We found that the majority of guys that had a problem “getting it up”, also had a problem having an orgasm at all.

Answer #2 – Not Being Able To KEEP It Up (13.5%, 26 Votes)

Men that suffer from difficulty keeping it up more than a few minutes, represented a surprisingly small percent of overall participants.

Answer #3 – I’m too Small Down There (52.6%, 101 Votes)

Answer #4 – I Orgasm Too Fast (25.5%, 49 Votes)

Guys with premature ejaculation often have it the worst, as they feel extremely embarrased about their situation. Often, their partners may feel that they don’t care about whether or not they orgasm at all, leading to a pretty dull sex life in the long run.

Poll Conclusions

As you can see, the overwhelming majority felt that they were way to small, and wanted a way to increase their size. I have to admit that before we even administered the poll, we all came to the conclusion that most men were going to say that they were not impressed with their overall size. This has been an issue that men have had problems with since well before you and I were around, and will continue to plague us for eternity.

What did surprise us, however, was the lack of guys that were looking for an all natural treatment to help them keep it up. We have personally talked to some guys that said size wasn’t an issue, but they had a hard time keeping it up during sex. We expected to see at least 40% of guys having this problem, but only had a little more than 10%.

We have decided to keep the poll up and running for another month or so to see if we can get a larger sample size to help determine what you guys are looking for. As always, we recommend that you sign up for our free enlargement exercise guide if you are looking for an all natural way to increase your size.

And of course, if you have any feedback for us, you can always contact us and let us know what you think!

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