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Stiff 4 Hours

Dave Walker Date: May 27, 2014 Male Enhancement 1 Comment on Stiff 4 Hours

Stiff 4 Hours

stiff 4 hours review

A major problem for men has always been sexual disorders. It may be erectile dysfunction, libido issues, or just overall poor sexual experiences. This leads many couples to consider inquiring about male enhancement supplements. One product to potentially consider is called Stiff 4 Hours. This all-natural supplement was designed to give men a firmer, longer lasting erection, and also an almost instant recovery time. so you never have to leave your partner unsatisfied again.

According to the company website, Stiff 4 Hours has been known to increase your overall pleasure experience, endurance and hardness, and intensify your orgasm. It is recommended to take just one capsule 30 minutes before sex and it lasts up to 72 hours. This fast acting male enhancement supplement is all-natural and safe to use, and is not to be confused with a similar sounding prouct called Stiff Nights. Although, if you have high blood pressure, or take nitrates, you should not take Stiff 4 Hours. It is best to take this supplement on an empty stomach. Avoid dosage shortly after eating, as this may cause side effects.

Key Ingredients in Stiff 4 Hours 

Stiff 4 Hours contains thirteen herbal ingredients. Among those ingredients are proven male enhancers such as L-Arginine, Zizyphus, Jujuba Extract, Sping Jujujba Seed, Rhizoma Polygonati, Kave Root, and Maca. These allow you to keep full control and power of the experience for a feeling that can last over and over again.

Customer Reviews 

There were no customer reviews found online for Stiff 4 Hours.  This makes it difficult to give an appropriate rating for this product, or to decipher if current customers have had success with it. More customer reviews would definitely help us out in reviewing Stiff 4 Hours, and also any potential users that are thinking about using this product.

Stiff 4 Hours Pros 

– Contains L-Arginine, clinically proven product known for opening viens for better blood flow to the penis

– Inexpensive product

Stiff 4 Hours Cons 

– Nausea can occur

– No product reviews

– No claims for enlargement, or increase of girth

Product Pricing

A 30 count bottle will run you close to $80, and will last about a month.  This places the supplement in the high end range, which is generally deemed anything costing between $70 – $100 for a one months supply.  According to their website you can also receive a trial pack of 2 capsules for $10.  We always recommend that men try out the product before buying massive quantities.  It appears the only place you can buy stiff 4 hours, other than, is through their official website.


This product seems to be good with some attributes, and lacks in some others.  Having a better, intensified experience is always good, but if it’s an enlarged experience you are looking for, this may not be for you. To take this product you would have to already be happy with your size, and just want an all over better experience or orgasm.  Some side effects can happen, such as nausea, but there are ways around that like taking Stiff 4 Hours on an empty stomach and not eating within 2 hours of taking the pill.  If the pill does what its creators claim, the side effects for men are worth taking a chance on.

Overall Rating (1-10): 6

Reason For Rating:  No product reviews make it hard to rate but it does contain proven herbal ingredients and is inexpensive.

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