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SX Male Overview

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SX Male was a male enhancement pill sold primarily in Canada.  Word has it that this stuff was recalled a couple years ago, but we’ve seen that it’s still available for sale, so to us, that means there may be a reader out there in need of a review.

The distributor, Marketing Inc, called SX Male an “extreme erection enhancer” that worked fast and gave a guy longer, stronger, thicker erections, enhanced libido, and energy and stamina to go all night.  The effects could last as long as 48 hours, so you were ready for the weekend.  There’s no official SX Male website at this time, so we set out to piece together everything we could find hoping to help you make the most informed decision.

How SX Male Works 

Like I said, SX Male information is scarce.  As far as how it works, while it mentions libido and stamina, it is definitely billed primarily as an erection enhancer.  That means that it’s mechanism of action is probably blood flow.  An herbal, all-natural erection enhancing supplement would aim to increase blood flow to the penis by way of producing more nitric oxide to relax the smooth muscle walls of the corpus cavernosa to accept in more blood.  Since blood rushing to the penis is what causes erections, this would make yours bigger and better.

SX Male Ingredients

sx male enhancement

Once again, no information, at least not from the company.  It turns out though that a random test performed by Canadian authorities turned up acetildenafil, a compound closely related to the prescription drug sildenafil, the substance used in Viagra.  This is dangerous, of course, because these compounds can cause serious problem is you have high blood pressure or a heart condition.

They can be especially dangerous for anyone who’s taking medications to treat these ailments.  That’s why Viagra and the like are available only by prescription, so your doctor can help you determine whether or not you’re fit to take them.

The acetildenafil is probably why SX Male may have worked as well and as quickly as it did.  It’s a PDE5 inhibitor which increases the amount of blood that enters the chambers of the penis during erection.  There are non-drug substitutes, like L-Arginine, but actual PDE5 inhibitors are on the one hand known to work better and on the other hand known to be contraindicated in the presence of certain medications.

Benefits of SX Male

  • It works like Viagra.

Drawbacks of SX Male

  • It was recalled a few years ago.
  • SX Male can be dangerous if you don’t know all the risk factors and whether or not they apply to you.
  • Availability is limited.

Where to Buy 

Currently, we found SX Male available on eBay.  Single capsule blister packs are being sold for $20 each.


There’s just no chance that we’re going to recommend using a product that illegally contains a prescription medication.  First of all, it can be dangerous.  Second of all, it shows the company to be deceptive, and if they can do this, what else are they doing that we don’t know about?

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