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Testim  Review

Testim Review

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Testim is a brand name given to one of the “synthetic” medical drugs that are frequently prescribed by the doctors to normalize or optimize the blood levels of Testosterone on short term basis. This article is intended to focus on some of its features, pros and cons in a neutral, unbiased way. Read on to discover more

Whatm is Testim?

Testim is a prescription-only gel that contains 1% testosterone for topical (local) application on skin. What it means is that it does not have to be taken in oral (pill or syrup) form. It is usually applied on daily basis, preferably in the morning time. Upon regular application and use, it can produce following effects:

  • Optimization / normalization of testosterone levels
  • Strengthening of male sexual characteristics
  • Boosting of libido in males
  • Better, powerful erections

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials on the product

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of negative reviews about the use and safety of Testim. In fact, an in-depth internet research revealed the presence of some completely “whole” websites exclusively dedicated to highlight some of its serious side effects and unsuccessful experiences. On the other hand, the official website and some third party websites do feature some of its benefits and studies related with its effectiveness.

Composition / ingredients of Testim

Each sachet of Testim contains about 50 grams of 1% testosterone as an active ingredient.

How does Testim work (Mode of action)?

Testim contains, as its active ingredient, 1% synthetic testosterone. It can be applied locally on the skin of arms / shoulders or of abdomen. Once applied, it gets absorbed into the human blood and works quickly to raise blood testosterone levels.

Testim is for you if: 

  • If you have been diagnosed as someone who has testosterone deficiency in his blood
  • Your doctor has prescribed this product for you
  • You do not wish to use an oral or injectable form of testosterone hormone

Testim is not for you if:

  • You are looking for an  “injectable” form of testosterone
  • You have had an allergic reaction to any of its listed ingredients
  • You want to use a natural or dietary supplement that will help increase your blood testosterone levels

Pros of Testim 

  • Convenient once daily dosage and easy application
  • Works quickly
  • Is scientifically and clinically backed
  • Comes from an authentic and genuine pharmaceutical company (US-based Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Cons of Testim 

  • Does not “naturally” elevate the blood levels of testosterone
  • Does not increase the natural production of testosterone from the human testes
  • It is only a short term treatment
  • Can not be purchased without prescription
  • Has a number of serious side effects such as acne, headaches, increased body hair, higher blood pressure and cholesterol, allergy / hypersensitivity
  • Can possibly increase the risk of prostate cancer
  • Can also lead to edema (swelling of foot and ankles)

Our recommendation

Considering the above pros and cons, the disadvantages associated with the use of Testim definitely overweigh its benefits. Therefore, the only condition in which we recommend the use of Testim is when you have Hypogonadism, a disorder in which you have low testosterone levels) and your doctor prescribed it for you. Otherwise, it’s always safer and better to use a natural alternative, herbal dietary supplement that will stimulate your gonads to produce testosterone “naturally”.

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