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Dave Walker Date: April 9, 2014 Male Enhancement No Comments on Top Dogg

top dogg Top Dogg Male Enhancement Review

Dave’s Rating: 3 stars

When I first came across Top Dogg male enhancement, I couldn’t help but notice the model on the home page of the product, as well as on the product packaging. Being an avid fan of big, round asses, they certainly picked the right model to get me to buy the product! This product looks to capitalize on the male enhancement market by cleverly combining a catchy name with some great T & A, so we definitely commend the company for that. But does Top Dogg really work? I ordered a 1 capsule trial package direct from the manufacturer to test out the claims.

What is Top Dogg?

Distributed by a company called Hall of Fame Beverages (which is actually co-owned by ex NBA star Larry Johnson), Top Dogg is an all natural male enhancement productthat is supposed to work for as much as 4 days. This is much longer than any other fast acting male enhancer we have come across, considering most only last about 24 – 48 hours effectively.

Top Dogg is a relatively new product to the market (literally only 2 months old at the time of this review), and I actually first heard about it from a visitor of ours that was wondering if we ever heard of it or tried it. I dug through the internet to find out more about this men’s performance supplement, and I noticed that there were numerous press releases concerning its introduction to the market.

Top Dogg promises all of the same benefits that other products in this category promise, including firmer longer lasting erections, increased stamina, and intense orgasms. Like other products as well, it contains all natural ingredients that are well known ingredients in the male enhancement world.

Those ingredients include Epimedium herb extract, Tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, Cnidium Monnier extract, stinging nettle, ginkgo Biloba, and rehmannia root extract. You will find tribulus in up to 70% of male enhancement products, including Virectaand Mandingro.

My Results With Top Dogg Male Enhancement

A serving size of Top Dogg is 1 capsule, and there are a couple of small warnings on the package, including not taking on an empty stomach and also not to take more than 1 capsule in a 24 hour time period.

I took the one capsule at around noon on a Friday, hoping to maybe get lucky that evening. Luckily, I have a girlfriend, so getting lucky is really not that hard, and I decided to make my move right after dinner. I noticed a slight difference in my erection, but there was no huge difference in my orgasm intensity or anything else.

Pro’s of Top Dogg

  • Made in The USA
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Cool packaging
  • Catchy name
  • Modestly priced
  • Secure payments with Paypal
  • Spokesmodel is smoking hot

Con’s of Top Dogg

  • Lack of reviews posted on the internet and on their site
  • Not available in stores (as of this review)


I think that Top Dogg is missing a few key ingredients to really give it that extra boost, most notably Panax Ginseng and L-Arginine. They could even add a small amount of Yohimbe to really give you a boost, albeit I think just a small amount would be enough. The fact that it is all natural is a good thing, but I have used many other fast acting pills that work much more effectively. That being said it might be worth trying out if you have a spare buck or two.

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