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Vigrx Plus And Extenders

Dave Walker Date: February 24, 2014 Male Enhancement No Comments on Vigrx Plus And Extenders

Should You Combine Vigrx Plus With An Extender?

I get emails almost every day from guys asking what is the best combination for permanent enlargement, and I am not surprised to find that many of them think that pills alone are the solution. Often time’s guys think that just by taking Vigrx Plus alone they can achieve permanent gains, which I attribute to the lack of “REAL” information concerning the product. They are often disappointed when I tell them that no pill, including Vigrx Plus, will give them permanent gains.

vigrx plus and extendersHowever, there is a solution to your problem. While Vigrx Plus may not give permanent gains, it IS possible for you to achieve this through a combination of Vigrx Plus with an extender. For those of you who are not familiar already, Extender devices use the theory of traction to gradually “stretch” the penis to greater lengths. It uses the process of cell division, by splitting the cells into 2, allowing them to divide and replicate themselves.

Are Extenders Really Safe?

When one looks at an extender it may often be perceived as a medieval torture device, and I had to admit the first time I looked at one it made me nervous. I mean, who wants to strap something onto their penis that they have never seen before? That was me about 2 years ago, and today, after much analysis and personal testing, I can say with confidence that wearing an extender was probably the best thing that ever happened to me concerning permanent enlargement.  Check out my top 3 choices for penis extenders.

While Vigrx Plus CAN give you temporary gains in size, like practically every other pill in existence, it is not a cure. The way Vigrx Plus works is by enhancing the blood flow during an erection by widening the blood vessels throughout the penis. It will NOT enhance your flaccid (non-erect) size, only your Erect size, and you still need to be sexually stimulated for it to work.

So Why is Combining an Extender With Vigrx Plus So Effective? 

x4 labs systemNow that you have a basic understanding of how extenders and Vigrx Plus work, I will explain the benefits of combining both. As stated earlier, Vigrx Plus enhances erection quality and sexual stamina unlike 99% of other male enhancement pills on the market. Extenders, on the other hand, are solely used to help increase the length of your penis through traction.

Each one on its own has a very specific purpose, and different intended outcomes. While wearing an extender, the penis grows longer over time, usually after a period of 4 – 6 months, but sometimes longer. But, a longer penis does not always mean enhanced erections. You still need to have increased blood flow to get the maximum effect. This is where Vigrx Plus comes in.

By combining Vigrx Plus with an extender, you are not ONLY getting bigger, but you will also last longer and be able to recover quicker in between orgasms. So, in essence, you are getting the full effect. Do you need to keep taking Vigrx Plus to get the full effect?Yes, of course, because it is not intended as a permanent solution. But, it is well worth it in my opinion because you will become the sex machine you never knew you were after a few short months.


As you probably already know, I have tested dozens of male enhancement pills throughout the past couple of years, and Vigrx Plus still leads the pack as far as effectiveness.  Sure, you can use a cheaper pill and still get results, but like most things in life, the cheaper the product the lower the quality.  I have also tested dozens of extenders, and found that for the value and the results, the X4 Labs extender is the most effective at achieving great results. If the thought of strapping an extender to your penis is not very appealing, you may want to consider using penis enlargement exercises as an alternative.

Enlargement exercises have been around for quite some time, and have been used successfully by thousands of men worldwide.  They can often produce the same results you would get with an extender, however, one downside is it tends to take alot longer to see the results, especially if you are not doing it right. Check out my free enlargement exercises guide to learn more about how to naturally and safely enlarge your penis, without spending a fortune on extenders.

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