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Vim 25

Dave Walker Date: February 12, 2014 Male Enhancement 2 Comments on Vim 25

Vim 25

Vim 25 ReviewWe come across a lot of shady companies that sell various types of pills and supplements in the male niche. Every once in awhile we find one that is downright dangerous, and Vim 25 can be classified in that category. This product is manufactured by Wanyun Int’l Logistics which is located in Hong Kong, and distributed by a few companies here in the US, who also sells red sex dragon. Most notably, it is being sold through online retailers like Amazon by companies and individuals alike. Lets look at the inside story behind this product to give you an idea of why it is bad for you. (see other dangerous male enhancement pills)

What is Vim 25?

Like most male enhancement supplements, this product promises to deliver a quick erection and make you last longer during sex. Their is no product website, so finding critical information was hard to come by. This supposed “herbal supplement” can be found on the shelves of many corner store retailers, and is often sold in conjunction with other male enhancer’s.

There is no list of ingredients, but independent third party sites have confirmed that it does contain ginseng, ginkgo biloba, tribulus terrestris, and Tadalafil. The original formula for Vim 25 contained tadalafil, which is an active ingredient found in the prescription medication Cialis. There have been no clinical studies or scientific research done on vim 25, which is required by the FDA when a product contains chemical agents such as these. Because of this, the original version was recalled from several overseas markets, and is supposed to be banned in the US for sale.

New And Improved Formula

Since the original product was banned, a new manufacturer by the name of US Natural supply, who took over operations and the brand name. This new formula is supposed to be safer and more effective than the original, and contains a host of ingredients. The ingredients in this new formula are Cnidium Monnier, Poria Extract, Lycium fruit, Yam Rhizome extract, and Ginseng. Cnidium Monnier can be found in several other types of herbal supplements, such as Zyrexin and Stamina Rx.

These are all based on ancient Chinese medicine that has been used for hundreds of years by homeopathic doctors. We here at best enhancement reviews however, are more interested in the scientific facts of whether or not a particular ingredient works, so we did some research on this formulation.

It seems as though Lycium Barbarum fruit, which has been researched by Doctor Ray Sahelian, is an anti-oxidant which has anti aging properties. Another ingredient, Ginseng, has been researched by the National Institute of health, and has not shown any promising results as an aphrodisiac. In short, none of these ingredients has been shown to effectively work to increase sexual stamina or vigor.

Reviews of Vim 25

We have researched several dozen websites to find actual customer testimonials and it seems the majority are negative. We believe that many of these customers received the old version of the product, as many unscrupulous retailers were trying to make up for lost revenue. Here is a sample of some of the reviews we found:

“i have ordered several products from amazon such as sextagin and rock hard weekend and i have never had a problem returning any of them. Well, the guys that sell vim 25 are one of the worst, i have tried to get my money back to no avail for about 1 month now. this stuff just does not work!”Jeff

“i took vim 25 last week and i gotta say it was horrible. The side effects were worse than any i have ever experienced before. I got very nauseous and my stomach is hard as a rock. stay away from this product.”Markus

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Pricing and Availability

At the time of this review, Vim 25 was available on amazon and several other retailers for around $20 for 24 individual packets. Since the product does not have an official website, there is no bulk order discounts for purchases. There is also no money back guarantee from any of the retailers selling this product.  This product is similiar in price and effectiveness as maximum xe, another popular supplement.

Overall Conclusion

It is obvious that the preceding version of vim 25 was dangerous, but with this new formulation we believe that there is no reason to fear its safety. However, there are several other more potent products on the market which have been studied in clinical trials, contain only the purest ingredients, and are backed by licensed physicians. Based on the user feedback we found, we would not recommend this supplement for our users.

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