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Ambrina Review

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Ambrina is a sexual herbal tonic manufactured by a Pakistan-based company known as ‘Ark corporation” that claims to be a 52-year old company. According the manufacturer’s claim, the product can be used to increase libido and treat male impotency issues.

What is Ambrina?

By nature, Ambrina is an all-natural or herbal sexual tonic that acts as an aphrodisiac and sexual-potency tonic in men. The product comes in a capsule form for oral use.  The supplement is available in brown pills or pink tablets for oral use.

Ambrina can be used for two main goals:

  1.  For the treatment of male impotency (erectile dysfunction)
  2.  To increase libido (as an aphrodisiac)

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials of Ambrina

According to an independent search performed on internet, while Ambrina does contain some third party reviews on its successful use, there are not sufficient neutral real user reviews or product testimonials for its utility in men. The official website of the product lists many claims that seem to be unrealistic. One of such claims is that this product may act as a replacement for Viagra.

In reality, this claim can not be true as Viagra can also be “prescribed” by doctors to actually treat erectile dysfunction caused by some underlying pathological disease. In addition, the product is not scientifically backed and is not endorsed by sexologists or doctors. Finally the official claim of Ambrina being the “best remedy in the world” is also unsupported and can not be justified on credible grounds.

Composition / ingredients of Ambrina

According to the official claims, Ambrina consist of about 25 so called “Himalayan herbal ingredients” including Saw Palmetto, Avena Sativa, Guarna, Amber, Siberian Ginseng, Bambusa Arundinacea, Tribulus Terrestris, Asphaltum (shilajit), and Yohimbe.  However, it must not be forgotten that the presence of so many ingredients is not always a positive point as it may drastically affect the safety profile of any supplement or tonic. A user may never know if he can develop any potential side effects due to any ingredient used until and unless he actually uses the product.

How does Ambrina work (Mode of action)?

Because of the presence of several ingredients, it cannot be determined if Ambrina acts via a single mode of action. The following mechanisms of actions have been suggested for the production of its effects in men:

  • By increasing testosterone levels in blood
  • By increasing nitric oxide in blood that leads to better and quicker erections
  • By enhancing sexual desire in males

Ambrina is for you if:

  • If you are looking for a potent sexual tonic that combines a unique two-in-one action i.e. aphrodisiac + ED treatment
  • You can afford to buy an expensive supplement for regular use

Ambrina is not for you if: 

  • You would like to use the cheapest product (as it’s not very affordable for everyone)
  • You would like to use a product that is backed by clinical trials or scientific evidence
  • You would like to use a product or method that will act as a “permanent” cure for your erectile dysfunction issue
  • You would like to enlarge your penis by using a herbal supplement

Pros of Ambrina 

  • Product can be ordered directly from its official website.
  • Product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Secure ordering and discrete shipping is available via official website
  • A full ingredient list is available on the official page
  • Apparently, the product can also be used by women to enhance their libido

Cons of Ambrina 

  • Safety profile of the product is not established yet.
  • The product contains Yohimbine which reportedly has a variety of side effects including sudden anxiety, insomnia or headaches. It should be remembered that Yohimbine, while allowed in United States, is legally banned for sales or use in Australia.
  • Product is certainly not very economical as each package of 20 tablets costs around $40 (or r 40 tablets for around $72). Similarly a four-month supply (120 capsules) would cost about $192.00.

Our recommendation

All in all, based on limited user reviews, lack of sufficient data or scientific or clinical
support for its benefits, expensive cost and relatively exaggerated claims by the parent company, Ambrina
does not seem to be a highly recommended or beneficial product for long-term use. Curious readers may still
order one bottle to see if product would really work for them as there is always a 60-day money back
guarantee option.

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