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GNC is by far the countries leader in selling and producing very high quality supplements. In the mens sexual health category, one of their most potent formulas is a product called Amidren. Developed and distributed by a company called Sera-Pharma, this enhancement formula is a top seller in the mens vitality market, and has received rave reviews from customers. Like most of these supplements, this one was developed to target men with low testosterone, which is often linked with a low sex drive. This formula hopes to combat this problem, in a manner which allows for increased endurance and stamina.

Product Facts

Amidren was developed to combat andropause, which is another word for male menopause. Usually affecting men in their late 30’s and early 40’s, andropause is simply a gradual reduction in the levels of testosterone that the male body produces on a daily basis. This product was developed to help stop that, by delivering small doses of testosterone, and uses ingredients to increase male hormone modulation.

GNC actually sells a number of these testosterone type supplements like Amidren, including m drive, which is actually a leading product in this category.

The ingredients in Amdiren include, but are not limited too, magnesium, zinc, and copper. These primary ingredients are thought to help boost natural production of testosterone by developing secretion in the pituitary gland. It also contains zinc, beta-sitosterol, bioperine, chrysine, saw palmetto berry, and tribulus terrestris.

Magnesium is of particular interest, because it has been proven that men with higher levels of magnesium in their blood are more likely to have more free testosterone in their body.

User Feedback

In general, amidren has received very positive feedback on a wide variety of sites. In particular, gnc has about 8 reviews, and generally speaking most men have seen a great increase in energy levels, as well as an increase in sex drive. Here are some factual reviews we came across:

“my family has a history of prostate disease, which has affected my everyday life. I started taking amidren after walking into a local GNC, and after just a few days I was feeling great. The best part is that my sex life is back again. Well worth the money invested.”Ross, Florida

“I was diagnosed with Andropause by my doctor a few months ago, and he suggested I try Amidren. After using it for about a week, I noticed I felt more energetic and alive. My wife also noticed a big increase in my sex drive, something that has been hurting for quite sometime now. The only problem I see is the price, which is around $70 a box. I guess the saying you get what you pay for takes on a whole new meaning.”Fred, Arizona


– Sold in reputable stores
– No Side Effects
– Increased Sexual Performance
– Works Fast


– Expensive
– No clinical data


Based on what we read, Amidren does help to solve some very serious issues men face. As a man in his late 30’s, I can relate to alot of the problems men suffering from andropause face. While I have not tried this specific product out myself, a quick review of what men taking amidren said, as well as their results, leads us to believe that this product works very effectively. As always, it is best to consult with your doctor before starting any dietary supplementation such as this.

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