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Arginmaxarginmax review is one of the few companies that has actually produced a controlled, clinical study for there product. Too many manufacturers of male enhancement pills relying solely on pictures of attractive men and women on their website and giving you descriptions of ingredients you could care less about, when in reality, all you really care about is results. We decided to take a look at arginmax and review its qualities, as well as the results and conclusions of their study. Since this site is dedicated to reviewing male enhancement products only, we have not reviewed arginmax for women.

How Exactly Does Arginmax work?

According to their website, the way arginmax works is by using a blend of all natural ingredients, specifically L-Arginine and Ginseng, as a way of synthesizing the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body. The short, simple explanation of Nitric Oxide benefits, is that it results in a widening of the blood vessels, which increases the blood flow in all the extremities, including the penis.  There are several other products that contain L-Arginine, including testrol and maximor.

Arginmax is taken 6 times a day as a supplement, and is available over the counter at many large retailers such as GNC. It is supposed to start working within 4 weeks of ingesting the first pills, and may also result in other health benefits, such as increased energy, as well as physical stamina and endurance. [1]

Arginmax Reviews

There are many reviews of arginmax available, and most are pretty positive about the results from taking the supplement. Some have reported minor side effects, but less so than when using drugs like viagra.

“So I purchased the GNC ArginMax, which has the same ingredients.
Pros: Not the horrible sinus problems and headache as viagra or other “take 30 minutes before activity” pills.

Cons: Not quite as hard as an erection as the other stuff. Have to take 3 pills in the morning and 3 at night. Have noticed I have to pee a lot more.

Overall it’s worth it to me not to have the side effects and have to remember to take it right before. Give it a try.”
CA Guy, Amazon Review, 2008

There are also tons of reviews of arginmax on the GNC main website, and about 80% of these reviews said nothing but positive things about the product.

Arginmax Clinical Study

Rather than bore you with the details of the study, we will get right down to what you care about most, the results.  Close to 90% of the participants studied reported an overall increase in the ability to maintain an erection during intercourse.  In addition, 75% of those who participated reported an overall increase in their sexual desire.

It is important to note however, that the results from this study were gained from participant questionnaires, and NOT from scientific measurements.  The data can be skewed by a variety of factors, including participants overly boasting about their size, or an unwillingness to tell the truth.

There are many other companies that claim to have conducted clinical studies on their male performance supplements, including magna rx plus, vigrx plus, and zyrexin.

Where To Buy Arginmax?

Arginmax is almost exclusively a supplement sold in GNC Nutrition Centers Nationwide.  It can be found for a price range of $22 to $35 for 90 – 180 tablets.  You can also find it on for around $32, with free shipping.  We recommend that should you choose to try this supplement, you visit your local GNC and speak to a sales rep for advice.

So Does Arginmax Really Work?

From what we can tell based on the reviews, clinical study, and other information gathered, arginmax does appear to have some sexual desire increasing qualities.  While there is no conclusive evidence that this supplement works for everyone, it does appear to work in the majority of individuals.  We suggest that you try a bottle for yourself to see what kind of benefits you will receive from it.

Take a look at our top 3 choices for male enhancement.  We have reviewed dozens of products, and found these 3 to be the most effective for all natural enlargement and sexual desire.


1. arginmax website: “What Other Benefits does Arginmax Provide“, 2010

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