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Endowmax ReviewLike so many other male enhancement products on the market, Endowmax promises richer, fuller erections, and an increased arousal during sex. But what and how does it actually work? We decided to put this supplement to the test, and review their ingredients, study customer feedback from forums and discussion boards, and analyzing the effectiveness of this product. This company actually promises gains of 1 – 3 inches, and they also say that it is possible in as little as a few weeks. While we do not believe any product on its own can do such a thing, we decided to remain neutral and see what they had to say about it.

What is Endowmax Male Enhancement?

Available without a prescription, endowmax is an herbal product similar to erectzan which is sold over the counter both in capsule and oil form. It is available through select retailers, and according to the website, is supposed to expand blood vessels in the penis to allow for increased blood flow. This expansion, according to them, results in an enlarged state both in the flaccid and erect penis.

The company claims that the best results are usually obtained within a 2 – 3 month time period, which includes taking 2 capsules daily with food. While we have not personally tested this product out to see if these results are true, there are several testimonials on the official site that suggest it is possible.

The ingredients in Endowmax include Tribulus Terrestris, which has been found effective in similar competing products like vahard and libido max. Tribulus is a plant native to many parts of east asian, and there have actually been clinical studies conducted by leading researchers to see if the plant actually does work. In one leading study, tribulus was identified to have increase sexual intensity and orgasms in up to 50% of participants. (source: Tribulus Clinical study:

User Reviews and Testimonials

We have solicited user reviews from some of our visitors, but have not had anyone approach us with their results. If you have used this product, please submit your review here. Here is a few results we found from a simple google search:

“I have tried endowmax before, and I would have to say it is probably one of the best male enhancement supplements I have ever used. While I didn’t really grow any size, it made sex fun again, and my wife was pleased with that.”Mike, Virginia

“I used the capsules for about 2 months and didn’t really get anything from it. It wasn’t that it didn’t work, but I never saw any gains and they promised that. I did send back the bottles for a refund, but i was missing the first bottle so i only got a partial refund.”Jeff, Oklahoma

Cheapest Price and Availability

As of this review (3/22/2011), endowmax is available in over a half dozen online retail stores. You can buy it on their official site for around $60 for a one months supply, and the cheapest available price is a 6 month supply at around $40 a bottle. The six months supply also comes with a product called V-cream, which is an intimacy cream, and a free ebook titled “Couples Guide to Ultimate Pleasure”. On many retailers sites it often is paired with sexual enhancement creams for added effect.

Overall Review

The facts just don’t add up for this product. They claim that men can gain permanent size in a flaccid penis, but do not go into any detail about how exactly this works. In addition, their are no clinical studies conducted,  which could help to shed some light on the matter. Furthermore, they lack any clear endorsements or testimonials from any licensed physicians, which takes away from the product. The one thing Endowmax does have going for it is its guarantee, which is for 60 days and is a full refund. However, you need to be cautious and read the fine print before doing so, because they do require that you send all of the bottles back intact.

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