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Testogenix  ReviewTestogenix

Dave’s Rating:   3 Star

Testosterone is a male sex hormone whose levels are higher during puberty and adolescence but when we age, our body testosterone levels fall which results in reduced libido, decreased sexual stamina and you even suffer from reduced energy levels in your body. To cope up with this, testosterone boosting supplements may be used which directly cause testes to secret and produce more testes and thus increase the testosterone levels of the body.

“Testogenix” is the brand name of male sexual enhancement product which tends to boost the testosterone levels of body. The product has competitive edge because it also improves lean muscle mass and helps in weight reduction.

What is Testogenix?

Testogenix is a malem enhancement herbal supplement developed by Pierce Hawthrone Research. The official website of Testogenix states that Testogenix is a natural testosterone booster which helps you to make up for decreased testosterone levels (Testosterone levels drop by 2-3 % each year). Testogenix has been designed to address the following key male issues:

  • Decreasing muscle mass
  • Reduced libido and sex drive
  • Excessive body fat
  • Low stamina and energy
  • Alleviating sexual performance

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials on the product

Testogenix is all-natural product and hence it has some positive online reviews and testimonials. Moreover, the official website of the product has also listed some positive customer reviews. However, like other products, it also has some negative testimonials but it is also believed that those who complain about inefficacy of the product may not have been suffering from reduced testosterone levels and hence the product didn’t work for them.

 Composition / ingredients of Testogenix

Testogenix is safer and all-natural formulation of clinically-tested ingredients. The greater These ingredients include:

  • Calcium fructate
  • D-Aspartic acid
  • ZMA Complex (Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6)
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (increases testosterone usage at muscular level)
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Resveratrol (decreases estrogen levels and increases testosterone levels)

How does Testogenix work (Mode of action)?

Testogenix stimulate the release of gonadotropin from the hypothalamus along with the release of growth hormone and luteinizing hormone from pituitary gland. These hormones directly stimulate testes to secrete and produce more testosterone. Furthermore, the ingredients found in Testogenix i.e. Calcium fructate, D-Aspartic acid and Eurycoma Longifolia are very effective in boosting and accelerating the testosterone levels in body. The product claims to bring about noticeable results within first week of use for some users.

Testogenix is for you if:

  • You are experiencing deteriorating muscle mass 
  • You have reduced libido and sexual desire
  • You aim to enhance your sexual performance
  • You want to reduce weight and burn extra body fat

Testogenix is not for you if:

  • You are suffering from common sexual disorders i.e. erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • You are not deficient in testosterone
  • You are not comfortable with idea of taking 3 capsules once a day

Pros of Testogenix

  • The product is all-natural and safer
  • The ingredients found in the product are clinically tested and natural testosterone boosters
  • The product also helps you in weight loss
  • The product is backed by a long 90-day Moneyback guarantee
  • The product helps in building muscle mass
  • The product is even more effective when used in conjunction with exercise and healthy diet

Cons of Testogenix

  • The product is little bit more expensive than the products of similar kind
  • The product may not work effectively and quickly for everyone
  • The product does not treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Some users may experience mild side effects

Our recommendation

Testogenix is undoubtedly amazing, powerful and effective male sexual enhancement supplement which enhances your testosterone levels, boosts libido and sex drive, and also improves your lean muscle mass. On top of that, it also promises to help those people who are aspiring for weight reduction. All these multiple outcomes and benefits make Testogenix worth-trying product. In a nutshell, we are confident and convinced in recommending Testogenix to all the individuals who are looking forward to enhance their testosterone levels.

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