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MRM Tribuplex 750

Dave Walker Date: December 29, 2013 Testosterone Boosters

MRM Tribuplex 750 Review

There are lots of things we know about testosterone and the male physique.  We know its abundant presence helps us build lean muscle, have more energy, think better, and perform better sexually.  We also know that the older we get, the less testosterone our bodies naturally produce.  As early as our thirties, we notice the drop off.  So put it all together and we know we would like a way to have more testosterone in our bodies as we age.   

Hormone replacement therapy is not only expensive and requires a doctor’s participation, but it also just isn’t really necessary for most of us.  We just want that boost back toward where we used to be.  We want our workout to produce muscles, not frustration.  And we want our sex lives back the way they used to be.   

This is why there are herbal testosterone boosters like MRM Tribuplex 750.  This natural supplement claims to contain ingredients that boost our bodies own production of testosterone so we can enjoy: 

  • More lean muscle mass
  • Less belly fat
  • Increased Libido
  • Better sexual performance

So the claim is more testosterone leading to a better lifestyle.  But what goes into MRM Tribuplex 750 to make that happen? 

MRM Tribuplex 750 Ingredients  

The backbone ingredient of MRM Tribuplex 750 is Tribulus Terrestris.  Not just any Tribulus, but 70% Saponin Tribulus.  This is the good stuff.  The way Tribulus works is by increasing the bodies secretion of Luteinizing Hormone.  This, in turn, signals the testes to produce more testosterone.  Tribulus has been used for centuries to increase the male libido.  It is now believed that the increase in testosterone is why. 

There are a few additional ingredients in MRM Tribuplex 750.  Dioscorea (Yams) andTrigonella Foenum have also been shown to increase testosterone levels.  WhileRhodiola Rosea helps you work harder and experience less fatigue.   

How MRM Tribuplex 750 Works 

You should take 1-2 MRM Tribuplex 750 capsules up to 3 times per day.  It’s recommended that you take 2 on an empty stomach about ½ an hour before working out and that you take another 2 sometime during the day with food. 

What are Guys saying about MRM Tribuplex 750 

The majority of MRM Tribuplex 750 reviews we saw were quite positive.  The sexual benefits are discussed much more than the workout and weight loss benefits.  There are also plenty of reviews from dissatisfied customers who were disappointed with their results.  I’d have to say it looks like your take on MRM Tribuplex 750 depends a lot on how high your expectations are.

Benefits of MRM Tribuplex 750

  • Most of the reviews we saw were favorable.
  • It’s reasonably priced

Drawbacks of MRM Tribuplex 750

  • Plenty of guys saw no results with MRM Tribuplex 750.
  • It doesn’t contain any ingredients to help free up bound testosterone.

Where to Buy

You can buy MRM Tribuplex 750 from the MRM website or a number of other online retailers.  The 60 count bottle sells for about $25 give or take depending on where you buy.


There is a benefit to be had from using a natural testosterone booster.  It’s not hormone replacement, but that’s okay.  It’s nowhere near as expensive or intrusive. As long as you keep your expectations in check, MRM Tribuplex 750 could help enhance your performance in the gym and in the bedroom.

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